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Posted on Sun Jul 25th, 2010 @ 3:16pm by Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott

Mission: The Rescue

The shuttle was quiet.
Everyone was staying still, reserving their energy, as well as their air. It was starting to get cold too, which was never good. Ti'ana stood, and made her way gingerly to the back of the shuttle, dragging thermal blankets out of the survival kit, and passing them around.

"Here, wrap up, stay warm." she said. No one had really spoken in over an hour. The more they talked, the more air they would use. She made her way back to a corner of the floor, and eased herself down, leaning against the wall. Everyone started wrapping up in the few blankets they had. She folded her arms across her chest and drew her knees to herself.
She knew that the air was going to start to get thin very soon, and fervently hoped that they'd get out of this situation before then.
She closed her eyes, and tried to sleep. Used less air, that way.


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