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The Rescue

Posted on Thu Jul 8th, 2010 @ 4:18pm by Ensign Alan OShea

Mission: The Rescue
Location: crashed shuttle
Timeline: present
Tags: Lt Sisson

Oshea understanding our predicament thinks what we can do to pull us out of this little hole. "Agreed sir, it will have to be a message of sorts that matches our power frequencies but obscure enough not to be detected, say piggy back it on some of the ionised radiations streams emanating from the athmosphere. We culd narrow the bandwith to absolute minimum and see if either a compressed data stream or old fashioned text could be incorprated into the data stream.
then bounce that off the athmosperic disturbances we encountered on th way down.
it will be very tricky though.
not sure what else we hav poweful enough to make this work, we will have to draw power from lifesupport i think.


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