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Going Green

Posted on Thu Jul 8th, 2010 @ 7:08am by Lieutenant Ebak Sison

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Crashed Shuttle
Timeline: Present

Ebak nodded "Understood Ensign" and with that he started to shut down as many subsystems individually, starting with the non essentials, leaving only the comunications array, life support and any other systems they will need.

He sat down at the console "The comm array is too badly damaged, it can transmit something but I doubt it would be able to transmit a full vocal message, I also wouldn't reccomend it because any ship could crack our communications and come to finish the job they started..." he started to think "We need a way of communication that people on the Liberty would understand." he said as he contiunued to shut down uneccessary systems.

"Any ideas Ensign?" he asked turning to O'Shea


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