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Ow/ Breakthrough

Posted on Mon Jun 14th, 2010 @ 3:39pm by Ensign Alan OShea

Mission: The Rescue
Location: shuttle on planetoid
Timeline: present
Tags: Ow shuttle crew

Aye sir, bringing external sensors online now,
(O'Shea managed to graft a precaurious link from the thruster array to sensors, channeling pure energy into the external emmitters)
We have sensors beginning scan, we are recieving telemetary.
sir the Liberty and the einstein appear to be in one piece. Both ships have launched shuttle craft on a search and rescue mission, they seem to be gathere at our last known co-ordinates, also reading orion pirates nearby, but seem to be keeping their distance at present.
Sir I can confirm general distress signal sent and broken through the tin athmosphere.
Our power grid is fluctuating, recommend that we now reduce intake to the emitters and cut power to nominal thrust to avoid a blowout, that will give us a chance to either recieve a message and or reply to one.


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