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Posted on Sat Jun 12th, 2010 @ 9:24am by Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Shuttle
Tags: shuttle crew, captain, ship crew, EVERYONE

Ti'ana felt heavy. She groggily opened her eyes, then closed them again. "rrff" she grunted. She felt weight coming off her, and opened her eyes again. O'Shea was clearing debris off her.
"Thanks" she murmured.
She forced herself to open her eyes, and tried to focus on him. The best she could get was about four of him, but close enough.
"A little banged up, but nothing seems life threatening."
She slowly sat up and the room spun.
"Report, how bad is the damage? Can we communicate?"
O'Shea said something about scanners. "Yea, do that." she said.
Sison emerged from a pile in the corner.
"You ok?" she said to him.
"More or less. You're bleeding." he pointed out.
"So are you."
"Everyone else ok?"


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