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Taking Care of the Loose Ends.

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2010 @ 9:26am by Ensign Kris Baur

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Bridge, USS Einstein
Timeline: Present
Tags: Everyone

Ensign Baur tapped at the OPS console as engineer personnel hovered around the bridge repairing damage. The console beeped and Kris turned to read it. "Sir, sensor array is at 80%" Kris told the XO who sat at the command chair.

"Good scan for more pirates, fire off a probe outside the nebula so that we can re-establish communications with starfleet"

"Aye Sir" Kris tapped on his console and executed the commands.

"Sir, we're approaching the planet" the female at the helm announced.

"Very, well, high orbit, scan for the shuttle debris, what's the status of our transporters"

The bridge was a well oiled machines, just as starfleet expected and trained to be. One by one the XO's orders where executed by the staff.

"Sir, I've tracked a plasma trail leading up to the northern most continent on the planet" The science officer tapped on the console, " I'm picking up the crash, and life signs around it... wait... also the atmosphere is scrambling sensors but I'm picking up a large energy signature 650 km away"

"Native inhabitants?" the said as he XO feared the worst

"Negative sir, the native species seems to still be in a pre-industrial state" the science officer tapped further on his console " I believe its the pirates .

"Sir, transports are offline still and will not be available for another 15 hours, should I ready an away team" the tactical officer waited for a response.

"It's are only option at the moment" I'll inform the captain.

"Ensign, communications?" The XO looked over at Baur.

"Sir, the probe just reached the outside of the nebula, we've made contact with the liberty, I'm sending her the information to modify their shields, I've informed them of the crash"

"Very, well, I'll speak the captain, lets the get the away team ready" the XO finished his sentence as he walked into the captain's ready room


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