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the rescue

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2010 @ 4:59am by Ensign Alan OShea

Mission: The Rescue
Location: shuttle
Timeline: present
Tags: shuttle, ships

After sometime had passed, what seemed like a lifetime really, but just a few minutes, Ens O'Shea began to come round, apart from the sound of conduits sparking, silence, O'Shea decided no time to waste pondering their predicament, he tried to get up as if nothing had happened, but realised he has twisted his ankle and possibly got a concushion from when he hit he console just before impact. Debris was strewn everywhere, he cleared the debris off his colleagues and checked to see if they were ok, he grabbed a med kit, he was no medic, but he could see that Lt Sissions had minor injuries to head and torso, but was not in danger and was starting to come round also. The Cmdr was starting to come round to but had more injuries, though not in immediate danger. Is everyone OK called the Ensign. it looks like we made it more or less he said.

The Cmdr, shouted, "injuries Ensgn, " and he replied, a few but none of us life threatening at present sir, Cmdr then said "report"


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