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Rude Awakening

Posted on Tue Jun 1st, 2010 @ 11:05am by Lieutenant JG Drass Kebron & Ensign Kris Baur
Edited on on Tue Jun 1st, 2010 @ 5:39pm

Mission: The Rescue
Location: USS Einstein,Sickbay
Timeline: Present

The doors opened to reveal an over filled sickbay, there were injured personnel everywhere, absolutely no room, yet they continued to take in more, there were two EMH's operational, a portable power generator was being used to power the holoemitters.

Kris scanned the room the chief medical officer, he squeezed his way through the packed sick bay and finally saw her.

"Doctor!, Doctor!" She looked over "Ensign, yes, be quick"

"Doctor, whats the status of the Zealous crew member, the captain has assigned him to a task"

She walked to a bio bed, and there lay Lieutenant JG Drass Kebron. "He has undergone the necessary number of treatments, we just finished the last one 2 hours ago" She reached over and grabbed a hypospray, and placed it on his neck, she squeezed the button and injected the Lieutenant with a pain-relieving agent, and a waking agent.

The effect was almost immediate, he began clearing his throat and slightly moving his head.. then he opened his eyes.

The big Brikar security officer slowly blinked his eyes a few times as he got his bearings. "Where am I?" he asked, his voice a deep, gravelly baritone.

"The Einstein Sir," Kris made sure there was no medical equipment in the way to impede him from sitting up.

Drass slowly began to sit up and slid his legs off the biobed. His feet hit the floor with a loud THUD that shook the deck plates. "How did I get here...?" he began to ask, but trailed off as his brain finally registered that the intruder-alert klaxon was sounding. He held up a hand to forestall any reply, "Never mind. What's the situation, Ensign...?"

"Sir, Orion Pirates.... they've boarded the ship, they're attempting to gain access to our main computer, its currently encrypted slowing them down. The ship's in bad shape, the effects of the nebula have our weapons offline, shields were affected but we found a work around, the pirates however, also found a work around for their shields and weapons, which is where you and I come in sir. The Captain wants us to attempt to restore weapon systems to prevent the next set of attack waves from beaming down any more of them. "

Kris took a in a large breath after updating the lieutenant. "Sir, how is your vision?"

"I can see well enough," Drass grunted as he shook his to clear the rest of the cobwebs.

"You're going to need this Sir," Kris handed Kebron a fully charged phaser rifle, "They boarded at decks 22, 34, and 35, the captain and I cleared 22, but there's no telling where these pirates have dispersed to. Weapon systems can be accessed on deck 45, there's maintenance terminal with a nearby systems relay."

Taking the rifle, Drass quickly checked it over. Satisfied it was in good working order; he stood slowly and double checked that the back of his medical gown was properly secured. Slinging the rifle over his shoulder, he gestured for the Ensign to lead the way.

It wasn't until they started heading for the exit that Drass noticed just how crowded Sickbay really was. All the biobeds were occupied (the medical staff was already moving a patient to the one he had just vacated), there were injured crew members sitting or lying on the floor along the walls and every other flat or mostly flat surface; even the CMO's office had been turned into a makeshift surgical ward. They exited Sickbay into a corridor that showed signs of a recent battle and quickly made their way to the turbo lift. "Deck 45," he barked gruffly once they were inside, before turning and looking down at the Ensign, "How long have you been under attack?"

"Several days now Sir, This is actually their second boarding attempt, before that it was 2 non stop days of bombardment to weaken our shields and disable propulsion. Engineering teams have been split and are working to maintain structural integrity are repair impulse engines"

Before Drass could respond, the turbo lift car suddenly bucked as an ear-splitting screech filled the cabin and it came to an abrupt stop. After a moment the emergency lighting flickered to life, casting a dim yellow light down on them. "You alright?" he asked as he hauled the man to his feet.

"Yes Sir, Thanks" Kris tapped his com badge, "Baur, to Bridge.... Baur to the Captain.... " Kris looked at the drass with an unsettling look "This can't be good sir" Kris reach over to the small panel next to the turbolift door and tapped a few times " We're going to have to take the jefferies tubes, we're on 43" Kris forced his fingers between the doors and grab hold of one and looked over at the Lieutenant for help with the other, together they forced the doors open to see that they had stopped 3 feet short of the deck. " Here we go" Kris said as he pop his head out of the lift and scanned the immediate area. "Looks clear" Kris grabbed his riffle and pushed it onto the deck and climbed out after it. He turned and grabbed Kebron's arm and help him out.

They scanned left, and then scanned right, it was clear. The hallway was a disaster, there was a pool of blood in a corner, but no bodies around. Kris saw a working panel on the wall and walked up to it and taped in several commands and the computer chirped "Computer, has the data core been compromised"... it chirped again and then responded "Negative"

Well thats good he thought "Computer, what the sta.." Kris was interrupted as the panel went dead... he turned back to Drass. "Its dead, we can find out more from the maintenance terminal. There's an access hatch right around here Sir" Kris turned and rounded the corner, the tan colored hatch stuck out like a sore thumb and he was headed right for it, intent on carrying out his orders until a phaser beam emanating from behind his head startled him. He dropped to the floor to see the Lieutenant firing on two Pirates that turned into hallway.

A beam crashed into Drass's shoulder and he fell to the ground cold.

Kris took aim and returned fire, one shot missed and hit the wall behind them cause them to be pelted in the back with debris.

Kris ran back to Drass who was not responsive. "Sir!... Sir" He looked around and saw Ensign Triala's quarters. Kris grabbed Drass's arms and dragged him into the room leaving him a phaser and tri-corder. Kris ran the panel and sent a message to sickbay so they would know where to find him.

He ran our of the room sealing the doors behind him and ran to the access hatch. Kris slung his rifle behind him and open the hatch, climbed in started crawling forward till he reached a vertical junction. He grabbed on to the rungs and started climbing down. Suddenly the shipped shook violently and then shook twice more.
Kris gripped the rungs tightly until it settled down "They've started the attack wave" He thought to himself

Kris sped up his descent they reached another junction that read "DECK 44" He could both hear disruptor fire and yelling coming from the deck.

He knew that if he got off now to help he jeopardized the entire crew

Kris sighed heavily and continued downward.

Finally it seemed as if he had been climbing down for hours, when in fact it had just been 20 minutes.

"Deck 45" Kris climbed off the vertical tube onto to horizontal one and crawled to the hatch. The panel chirped with each tap and finally opened

He ran over to the maintenance console and began tapping away. Resetting weapon output configurations and talking to the computer at the same time. "Computer, scan the pirate ship" The computer chirped... "uhh..." He scrambled through his mind..... "Ok... Compare two separate disruptor beams that hit us ." The computer accepted the query as he waited for the reply he continued tapping away. He had to lock out the bridge weapons controls in order to perform the modification. "Two separate disruptor beams both had distinct frequency modulations" the computer responded.. "Ok.. ok....Computer! set our shields and weapons to a matching triaxilating frequency!" The computer accepted the computer, with a little help from bypassing a few subroutines.
He patched weapons back to the bridge

"Please work" Kris whispered under his breath as he tapped his combadge "Baur to Bridge" ... There was a long delay "...... Go ahead ensign" it was the tactical officer that he had seen before departing... "Weapons! We have Weapons" Kris couldn't help but smile "And not a moment to soon ensign. He monitored from the console, power was transferred to the weapon arrays, and the most beautiful beam of light shot out from the hull and struck the pirate ship dead on. He checked the console once more, the bridge had sealed off non-essential areas of the ship and rerouted power to engines and the Einstein came alive..

The Einstein came around and broadsided one of the pirate ships, beams from the fore and aft all hit the the pirates shields as we came around for another pass the forward torpedo launchers fired a volley they cut right through their shields. The ship came about and began its assault on the second pirate ship.

"Baur, we need you on the bridge, there's been a development" Kris's combage pierced through the silence. .." uhh, one my way, wait, what about the Lieutenant?" ... " He's been moved to sickbay, see you on the bridge"

He unlocked the sealed door and walked out to the hallway and saw a security team running past him. "More pirates??!!" Kris yelled. "No, most have beamed out before shields came back on, we have the rest pinned down two decks below" One of them said as the ran past.


Kris walked on to the bridge as everyone stared at the view screen watching what sensors had picked up during out offensive. Kris watch an image of the shuttle crafts roaring through the planets atmosphere.

"Well? Life Signs" An authoritative voice shot through the bridge, Kris turn around to find the captain. "Glad to see you did your part Ensign, lets go save these guys again"

"Sir wait" one of the bridge officers pointed something out on the view screen. "Its a pirate ship they followed them in"

"Set a course for the planet, scan the area for any more pirate ships, and give me a damned damage report, I'll be in my ready room, or whats left of it" The captain walked off the bridge and the crew scrambled to carry out the orders


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