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Waiting On News

Posted on Fri Apr 23rd, 2010 @ 9:33pm by Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Lieutenant Commander Howard Murdock

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Present

The Texan helm officer shifted a bit uncomfortably within his seat. Commander Sullivan had been assigned to take out a shuttle, and the Marines another shuttle, with the intention of making their way through the nebula and trying to find the stranded ship. As it was at the moment, they couldn't see inside the wispy clouds that comprised the anomaly, so the shuttle teams would be flying in blind.

That's why he would have been perfect for the job. He'd flown plenty of missions in the past, going into situations blind, and thankfully managed to pull off some unexpected miracles that kept him and the lives of the soldiers that was with him alive. Of course, some of things he had to do earned him the nickname of Howlin' Mad in the process. But, it worked . . .

"Cap, I don't like this," he mused as he thought about the situation.

The Betazoid Captain smiled at her helm officer. "It'll be okay. Commander Sullivan is a capable shuttle pilot. Besides, if either of the shuttle teams get into trouble, I'm going to need you to guide this ship into the nebula."

She could feel his anxiousness and concern for the shuttle crew, plus his desire to get into the thick of the action. They had no way of knowing what was awaiting the shuttle teams inside the nebula, so it was very possible that they'd all see action very soon.

"How long before we find out something?" Murdock wondered.

Azanialix looked down at the information display on the armrest of the command chair, and then looked back out at the viewscreen and the image of space that lay in front of them. . . . the impressive, colorful nebula that filled their view. "The shuttles are launching now. Provided the nebula doesn't interfere with communications, we should know more within a couple of minutes," she tried to reassure him.

She then heard her Operations officer suggest launching a series of probes into the nebula. Captain Ja'arda nodded, finding his logic sound. "Good idea. Make it so, Lieutenant, and let me know what you find out. Also, relay your findings to the shuttle teams."


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