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Here's Your Chance

Posted on Thu Mar 25th, 2010 @ 1:03am by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Ensign Izdalya Vorx

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Current

Jarrold stepped out of the turbolift, in quite a hurry as it was imperative that they moved as quickly as possible. The large door to main engineering opened and the Chief Engineer entered, bypassing his entire staff and approaching their newest member.

"Izdalya, I want you to grab an engineering kit and prepare for away team duty. I'm sending you with the group of Marines that are going to the ship. Your mission is going to be to inspect and try to get minimal power to their drives. Whoever chased them into that nebula could still be around here and we need to make sure that they can move under their own power because as strong as this new ship is I would hate to have to protect a downed ship if we don't have to."

Izdalya was surprised when the Chief Engineer by passed all the crew and came directly to her, a lowly ensign and commanded her to prepare herself for away team duty. Part of her was nervous that she would screw up, while another was a bit eager to try and prove herself. With a curt nod, "Aye sir" she said and did what she was told.

Jarrold smiled at her and started to help her gather a few things. "Make sure you record everything you see over there. I have faith in you Ensign." he said. Jarrold had never been good at encouraging others but he could sense the nervousness in his new junior officer. The task that he assigned her was not entirely complicated but it would give her a chance to build her confidence. "Your mission is to get that ship moving as much as you possibly can but Lieutenant Williams is in command of the away team so follow his instructions."

"Aye sir" Izdalya replied with another curt nod, she grabbed the tricorder and saluted with it, "I won't let you down, sir" she said. Maybe she was letting this away mission go to her head, or maybe not. She still wanted to give it her best. She looked around for Lt. Williams, not sure who he was exactly.

Jarrold quickly headed out of engineering. There were a lot of preparations to take care of and they were going in practically blind.


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