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Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2010 @ 10:17am by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott & Lieutenant Ebak Sison & Ensign Jacob Valentine & 1st Lieutenant Bryson Williams

Mission: The Rescue
Timeline: Currrent

The Liberty had proven that she was a fast ship, even faster in fact than they had believed. So fast in fact that they her first crew had been able to push her to speeds that were faster than they anticipated but still nowhere near her limits and arrive at their destination a full 5 hours sooner than they had anticipated. Jarrold had been sitting at the bridge engineering station, monitoring the ships systems remotely and sending teams to spots that seemed like they could use attention. Overall the Resistance Class ship was a marvel, far surpassing his expectations of her.

"Captain, we've arrived at our destination and are about to enter the Nebula." Jarrold said.

Captain Ja'arda's dark eyes looked up from the PADD she was reading. "Status report," she requested, figuring it wouldn't hurt to get an update one final time before entering the nebula.

After a moment Jarrold looked down at the scanner, making a few adjustments. The reading didn't look promising. "I wouldn't recommend taking the ship into the mess until we get some better readings from the inside and I can better adjustments to the shields."

Jarrold ran a few more calculations... this time in his head. The best part of being a scientist as well as an engineer was that he understood the unique balance that the ship would have to have in order to do what was needed and the stress the could be put on her in situations like that. "I recommend we send 2 shuttles in. One will gather data and the other will rendevous with our query and render any assistance that they may need.

Jarrold looked around the bridge. "Lieutenant Bryson should prepare a detail for the rendevous shuttle while Commander Sullivan commands the research shuttle. I will stay here to make adjustments as Commander Sullivans ship sends back the data."


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