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Aren't You A Little Young To Be An Ensign?

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2009 @ 1:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Ensign Izdalya Vorx

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Chief Engineers Office
Timeline: Current

Jarrold was familiar with most of the engineers aboard the ship. The majority had carried over with him from Zealous but there were a few that hadn't been assigned with them and were being replaced by new crew members. A few of them were fresh out of the academy but he was surprised to find that he had a fresh faced ensign of only 18 years old among them. He was used to seeing ensigns coming in on their first assignment, lords knows that he had trained more than his fair share over the course of his years in Starfleet. Of course this one was young. Most people were only entering the academy at the age of 18 and here was this newbie graduating. Still if she was good enough to come out of the academy in one piece she was good enough for Jarrold to accept into his engineering staff, at least until she screwed up and he had to send her back.

The Commander sat in his sparsely decorated office in the engineering section of a ship that was very well only a loaner. The were off on a mission but knew that they had only been assigned because they were the only full crew available to take a ship out on a rescue mission. Jarrold looked forward to going back home and getting back to what he was doing before being pulled out into space again but he didn't relish the idea of not knowing where he and his soon to be wife would end up after this caper was over.

The commander heard the door chime and looked up from his stack of padds. He was still working on learning this ship and had left his assistant in charge of running engineering with clear instructions only to be disturbed either in case of an emergency or when the new recruits arrived. He had already spoken to most of them but there was still the matter of the Trill girl, Ensign Vorx, was her name.

"Come." he said.

Izdalya was excited about being on board a ship, but not as much as she was nervous. She tried to make sure everything was in order to the best of her ability. She checked her padd again for about the fourth time to make sure she didn't get on the wrong ship by mistake. Looking around she sighed with relief, no mistake there. That would have been just a little more than humiliating. Orders were to report to the Chief Engineer's office for duty, Izdalya wandered the halls trying to find it, and ended up going in a circle twice before she did.

Taking a deep breath before pressing the chime, she fumbled and dropped her padd just as he answered and the doors slid open, she quickly stood upright as she gathered her padd, a stray hair wandered from her pony tail and she shoved it behind her ear as she walked, stopping in front of his desk and stood at attention, "Ensign Izdalya Vorx reporting for duty sir" she said, trying to be calm, and not let her nerves show through, though she might not have been doing as well as she thought she was.

Jarrold looked up at the Ensign, trying to portray the almost disinterested look that his first department head bestowed upon him during his first day of his first assignment out of the academy. "At ease Ensign." he said as he put down the padd that he feigned reviewing.

"Have a seat." Jarrold motioned towards the seat on the opposite side of his desk with a slight but pronounced tilt upward of his head. "So you're my new matter/energy systems specialist?" looking at her she was just young as her profile said. Then again it also said that she was a Trill so in all honesty there was a distinct possibility that Ensign Vorx was in fact older than him by magnitudes. Still the girl in front of him was technically only 18 years old and wet behind the ears. "Well Ensign I make it a habit of knowing the people who work with and under me. I've read your profile so I probably have an advantage and in that case I'll introduce myself. I am Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott, Chief Engineer of this ship as well as Captain Ja'arda's Second Officer. You will be reporting to myself and my assistant Lieutenant Soong. That said tell me about yourself. 18 years old is young for anyone to graduate and I want to talk to you before I trust you with my transporter and replicator systems." He tried to sound tough but impart a little bit of easiness... he didn't want to scare the rookie on her first day in.

Upon hearing his words she stood at ease, the tension seemed to leave her, just a little. Her golden brown eyes followed the indication of the seat and she moved slowly to sit by it, trying to keep her posture straight, which with the starfleet training, wasn't hard, but she still didn't like it. She was really more of a lounge-type person. Any who truly got to know her would be able to see that, which is why so many people saw her wanted to know why she was in Starfleet to begin with. Izdalya wanted to make a difference, she wanted to do some thing that affected more than just her. It seemed silly when she thought about it so she didn't mention it to others.

She couldn't help but smile upon the Lt. Commander's last sentence, it made sense, yes, that one should be trusted before operating the transporter and replicator systems, lots of things could go wrong. As much of a screw up that Izdalya was, she was good with matter/energy systems. Though the humor in his words was undeniable, she quickly bit her lip and forced the smile away. Thankfully his questions that required introspection meant she didn't have to force a serious expression on her face, it immediately fell into a pensive frown. She wasn't sure what she should tell him. "Uhm ...." she started and resisted twirling her hair. It was a broad question, surely some sort of test, letting her reveal what she thought was important at the same time make a good first impression. Izdalya was never really good at that, she seemed to always say the wrong thing.

"Yes, sir, 18 is young to graduate, I got in an accident and needed to find a second host, so, I graduated late.I don't know if that's in my file..." she found herself saying, completely unaware of the fact that her sentence contradicted itself, it made perfect sense to her, with her absent minded logic. "But it wasn't from a transporter malfunction or anything, it was an ion storm" she quickly added, her eyes gone wide, hoping he hadn't jumped to that conclusion, how horrible that would have been. She nodded to enforce the fact that it was an ion storm and not any sort of transporter malfunction, then she sort of drifted into an abrupt silence, like her mind was distracted by a thousand other things that could call her away at a moment's notice. She looked around and took in the sight of the office, the trinkets on his desk whatever decorations he had on the walls, any paintings and the like, before she looked back at him.

Jarrold nodded. "Alright Ensign, lets see what you've learned at the academy. This is a new ship and there seem to be glitches in of our systems. I'm putting you to work immediately. I want you to find any problems within the matter/energy conversion systems and document them for repair. One of our jobs on our current mission is to document this new ships performance."

Izdalya blinked and nodded, "Right sir, right away" she stammered and got up, without being dismissed, too absent minded to even think of that, and turned and started for the door, fiddling with her padd, preparing to do just as she was told.

Jarrold couldn't help but appreciate her enthusiasm and watched as she left the room. Once the door closed he tapped his comm-badge and called his assistant. =/=Lieutenant Soong, please report to my office.=\=


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