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A Little To Much Perfection

Posted on Fri Nov 27th, 2009 @ 12:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott

Mission: The Rescue
Location: USS Liberty - Engineering
Timeline: Current

Jarrold stood over the engineering display, looking down at the different readings. Warp field geometry, subspace metrics, power output.... they were all being so tightly maintained that he almost felt that his people had nothing to do. The power output of the engines fascinated him in particular. This ship was putting out more power than 3 galaxy class ships and it was still running at only minimal levels. By his calculations any other ship would be burning itself out but this Resistance Class ship seemed to be taunting them with the fact that they were pushing her hard enough, in fact they hadn't even let lose with the transwarp drive. That would be a site to see but for now they had to make sure that they cleared into interstellar space, far away from the Sol Systems gravity well or according to Commander Mason, the designer of the engines, very bad thing would happen.

Still once in deep space something amazing would happen. This ship would kick in at full power and in a matter of hours travel distances that other ships took days to travel. This was the miracle of modern technology and the reason that Jarrold had made his decision to fully return to engineering.

Ensign McAdams approached and handed Jarrold a PADD containing the latest diagnostic reading on fuel consumption and a few other things. As he had seen before everything was well within parameters. As a matter-of-fact this was the most power efficient ship that he had ever seen and would more than likely be the model for years to come.

"Thank you Ensign Giggles." Jarrold said as he signed off the padd and handed it out to her and stood up. "I need you to check the auxiliary power taps between the secondary core and impulse drives."

They would be jumping to maximum speed in a few minutes and Jarrold wanted to have a first hand look as they did so he headed towards the door. "Mr. Soong, I'm heading to the bridge, Engineering is in your hands." he said "Please try not to blow us up."


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