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Meeting of Minds

Posted on Sun Dec 27th, 2009 @ 5:35am by 2nd Lieutenant Isra Swanson & Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott

Mission: The Rescue
Location: USS Liberty Mess Hall

Hide had been using the same table tucked back in the mess hall of the new ship as a sort of vantage point to familiarize himself with the crew. People had the choice to eat in their quarters but the vast majority elected to dine here for the social experience. Though the thought of sitting with strangers made him queasy, the Cardassian was forcing familiarity by spending time there, putting faces to names and positions. He'd made a handful of friends so far this week, which was already more than enough for his nervous disposition, but he was ignoring the niggle that tried to pull him into the solitude of the gym after-hours or the security of his own quarters. This was a new ship, a new crew, and a new start. He was going to make the most of it. All he had to do was walk up to someone and say 'hi, I'm X, how are you?'. In theory, easy. In practice, whenever he went to move the artificial gravity of the room seemed to go up a few Gs to keep him in the chair.

Stirring the foam in a strong coffee that he wasn't really drinking, Hide gave a thin, wry smile as his own reticence.

Jarrold had been watching the Cardassian for the last few minutes as his eyes darted around the room, seemingly trying to get the lay of the land and memorize faces. He had also noticed how most of the people seemed to be avoiding him... some doing so with visual purpose. It had been more than a few years since the war had ended and even with the fact the hundreds of Cardassians were now active members of Starfleet some peoples attitudes still didn't change. Of course Jarrold understood their feelings, a lot of things happened in the war and it was easy to get lost in old intolerances and hatreds.

That being said Jarrold was a forgiving person by nature and was known for lending an ear and hand of friendship whenever it was needed so he did what the only thing that he could do under the circumstances. He approached the table and pulled up a chair. "Mind if I sit?" he asked as he sat without waiting for an answer.

Hide schooled a flicker of surprise off his face as the other sat, the expression easily giving way to a smile. "Please do." He extended a hand, deciding that the hard bit seemed to have been done for him. "Isra, but everyone calls me Hide."

Jarrold took the offered hand, shook it enthusiastically and then took a seat. "Pleasure to meet you Hide, I'm Jarrold." The Lieutenant Commander said. "I take it you're a member of our marine contingent."

He gave a short nod, his hand moving to cup the mug again. "Yeah, it my first posting outside the Omega base. After a few years of getting shipped out on-demand it felt like time for a change." His eyes narrowed fractionally in thought. "And, if I'm not mistaken, you're the chief of engineering as well as second officer. Busy man."

Jarrold let out a chuckle, "Yeah I have no idea how that happened. I signed onto this ship as a counselor. Funny how things work out."

Hide tipped his head a little at that, eyes narrowing thoughtfully. "Ultimately for the best, perhaps?" A quirked smile. "Diagnosing machines must be a lot more straightforward than diagnosing people, let alone easier to 'repair'."

Jarrold laughed a bit. He was in a unique position to understand just how true that statement was but there were times "I guess you've never had to rebuild a ruptured phase converter." Jarrold looked around the lounge and saw that even though it was filled with crew it was still sparse. This ship was not going to be a permanent assignment, probably not being with them past this single mission so Starfleet hadn't bothered to finish completely furnishing it. They didn't even have a cook and the crew had to get food from the replicator. Jarrold had ordered up some good old fashioned chicken soup, or at least a passable facsimile of it.

"So Omega Base huh?" Jarrold said. "I've always wondered what you marines do out there. My cousin joined the corps but he never really talks about his assignments."

The Cardassian's shoulder shifted in a half shrug. "Omega Base is a big training site, but holding a lot of specialised marines - dispatched on an as-needed basis. Every marine posting doesn't need a sniper, so they get sent out when called for, but it's not the best lifestyle. Very solitary. I mostly put in for this, more permanent assignment just to work with the same people for more than a few weeks." A quirked smile. "Still, it's going to take a while, what with my stunning social skills an' all."

Jarrold's comm-badge beeped and he excused himself for a moment before tapping it.

=/= Commander Scott, this is Ensign McCormick in engineering. We need your assistance down here sir. We are getting a large variance in the matter/antimatter containment. It's nothing serious but if we don't get it stabilized we'll have to drop out of warp soon. ==

=/= I'm on my way. == Jarrold said as he stood up. He didn't even have to chance to really enjoy his conversation or his replicated soup. No matter duty called once again. "I'm sorry Lieutenant it looks like I'll have to cut this short but I do look forward to finishing our conversation." he said.

Hide nodded as he raised his mug. "As do I. Good luck counselling the containment unit."


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