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Getting to know you

Posted on Sat Nov 21st, 2009 @ 2:12pm by 2nd Lieutenant Isra Swanson & Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Harris

Mission: The Rescue
Location: USS Zealous mess hall

After meeting the detachmetn commander and unpacking, Hide had made his way to the ship's communal mess hall to get something to eat with the background burble of those he'd now be living and serving with. Taking a seat at an empty table towards the back of the room, he began scanning through a PADD containing a brief profile of the key staff on the ship, putting names to faces as he ate a small rice meal.

Dan walked in to the mess hall he noticed the new Lieutenant on his own so he got his pasta and headed over. "Mind if I join you Sir?"

The Cardassian looked up in mild surprise before nodding. "Sure. Take a seat, Sergeant."

Dan sat down. "Welcome to Zealous. I'm Gunny Harris."

"I know," Hide replied with a smile, gesturing with the PADD. "I'm putting some names to faces, but it's good to do it in person as opposed to on a screen. Isra Swanson, but everyone just calls me Hide. Good to meet you." He extended a slim hand across the table.

Dan accepted the hand. "Likewise"

A quick shake and Hide watched the man sit, picking up his fork again and stirring the rice into the thin sauce. "So how long have you been attached to this battallion?"

"Not long I was recently assigned here but been in Corps about 20 years"

"I'm just out of Omega base for the first time myself." A half shrug. "Sniper specialism, so there's not a lot of call for what I'm good at. I'm used to short-term dispatches, but I felt like a change was in order. This is my first time serving on a starship."

"My first assignment was USS Eden fine ship for an old Ambassador Class"

A short, comfortable silence fell between them as they ate, before Hide regarded the human again with a curious frown. "What do you think of our commander? I met Leiutenant Williams a few hours ago. He wasn't quite what I was expecting from a CO."

Dan looked up from his plate "He is a good guy compared to the many I've seen in my time"

Hide quirked a smile. "I'm sure everyone will find their feet in good time."

"Well Sir I'm afraid we must part ways I've got Marines to sort out"

"Yes, of course," he replied as Harris got to his feet. "It was good to meet you. No doubt we'll see each other again soon"

Dan left the mess


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