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The Launch

Posted on Sun Nov 8th, 2009 @ 10:29pm by Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott & Lieutenant Commander Howard Murdock & Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Lieutenant Commander Joy Robinson & Lieutenant Blake Hunter & Lieutenant Ebak Sison & Lieutenant Myth Soong & 1st Lieutenant Bryson Williams & Ensign Howard Percy & Ensign Thomas Harper & Ensign Alexander Kent & Ensign Jacob Valentine & Ensign Kermie Mistwallow & Ensign Alan OShea & 2nd Lieutenant Isra Swanson & Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Harris & Crystal Q & Lieutenant JG JD Valentine

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Present

Jarrold read the numerous reports as they came streaming in from the various departments of the ship. The last diagnostics had been run and the ship was ready to launch as space dock turned over operational control to the ships computer. Now the only thing that was left was for command crew to accept authority of the ship.

"Captain Ja'arda, Commander Sullivan, All hands report ready for launch and space dock has released control the ships computers. I'm ready to bring the engines online on your command." he said.

Following her talk with the Marine detachment commander, the Betazoid Captain emerged from the ready room and walked onto the bridge. Activity was definitely picking up, since she had sent out a call for all hands to assemble on the bridge for this monumental event.

"Before we launch, we have a couple of procedural things that we need to do first," she mentioned with a bit of a grin. "Mr. Sison, front and center please."

Ebak stood to attention before turning on his heels and moving towards the captain of the ship, standing up straight and proud before his captain and his friend. He felt a tiny bit uncomfortable. Being under everyones watch would do that to him occasionally.

From the back of the assembly, the newest addition to the marine detachment watched the feline officer move to address his Captain. Peripherally, Hide noticed Lieutenant Williams slipping through the officers to stand near the back, casting the Cardassian a sidelong glance as he settled into a parade rest. Between a shuttle delay and the pre-departure busyness of the ship in general, he hadn't had a chance to formally introduce himself yet. No doubt that once the ship was underway there'd be time, though, and he returned his attention to Captain Ja'arda and Lieutenant Sison.

Jarrold stood back and watched the scene as it unfolded. He knew what was about to happen and thought that it was far more than appropriate and about time.

The talk with the Captain had been good, which in turn had left Bryson more confident in his dealings with the woman. There was a mutual understanding, and that he knew, would prove to be a good thing when it came time for missions. Ultimately he did report to her, he was part of her senior staff... however, there was the understanding that the Marines were his jurisdiction and he made the decisions concerning the detachment.

Mutual understandings were always a good thing...

Bryson's thoughts wandered a bit then came back into focus once the Captain began to speak. His gaze fell very briefly on a Cardassian that wore Marine olive green and the rank of a second lieutenant. The man stuck out, but for more obvious reasons then others. Then again, any alien stuck out amongst those who at least looked human. The staring was brief and then he turned his attention back to the Captain. He had an idea of what was going on, but then again he didn't know these people from Tuesday... anything could have been going on.

Dan watched carefully he never expected in all his career to see a Cardassian in Marine uniform the Officer looked more out of place than a Vulcan in a comedy club "This should be fun" he said under his breath.

She tried to keep a straight and solemn face as she watched Ebak come in front of her on the bridge. Pulling out a PADD, she read, "Mr. Sison, in accordance with Starfleet order 62417.72, you have been sentenced to immediate execut . . ."

She paused for a moment and furrowed her brow before swatting the side of the PADD again. "Apparently someone sent me the wrong information," she grinned, glancing over at Jarrold for a moment to see what his reaction was. "In accordance to Starfleet order 62417.72, you are hereby promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant. Seeing that you have been serving as Acting Chief of Security and Tactical, you are also hereby ordered and authorized to assume the billet of Chief of Security and Tactical."

She reached forward with a hand to shake his and smiled, "Congratulations, Lieutenant!"

Ebak smiled broadly and shook her hand. "Thank you, Captain! I will serve with pride and uphold my duties of Chief Tactical Officer." with that, he stood straight at attention, grinning broadly trying to contain his joy and suprise.

She smiled again and watched Ebak return to his console before turning her gaze to her Operations officer. "Mr. J.D. Valentine, front and center," she requested, again trying to hide a grin that threatened to etch upon her face.

JD turned in his seat at the OPS station, smiling he stood his hands running over his uniform to smooth it out. He walked around in front of the Captain. JD snapped to attention, "Ensign JD Valentine reporting as requested Ma'am." He said with a smile.

"Mr. Valentine, do you know why I've asked you to come before me," she questioned him, wondering how he'd respond.

JD nodded, "Well, Ma'am, I'm not sure, could be that perhaps you found my bottle of Romulan Ale, or you're helping me climb the proverbial ladder." JD said with a grin, hoping that his joke would go over and not bight him in the ass.

Azanialix looked to Jarrold and grinned, "Oh, so that's where the bottle of Romulan Ale came from that was in your quarters."

Turning back to J.D., she smiled and said, "Ensign, you've been with us for a while now and have long since proven your worth and value to this crew. As such, you are hereby being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Furthermore, you are also appointed as the official Chief of Operations. Congratulations."

She extended a hand to him to shake it with a smile on her face, which really showed just how proud she was of all of her crew.

JD grinned as she replied to his joke, his grin grew even bigger upon his promotion and placement as Chief Operations Officer. He took the Captain's hand and gave a good shake, "Thank you Captain, thank you very much." He said as they're hand shake ended and JD made his way back to OPS.

Jarrold stood and watched as the Captain promoted the crew. He wasn't sure that this was the right thing but if it helped crew morale he understood. Still everyone was talking like they were 100% sure that they were going to get a new ship and it was automatically going to be named the Zealous. They had been talking about it only hours after the previous ship had been destroyed. He didn't understand the attitude, it seemed almost like no one cared that they had lost a Starship.

Truth be told though Jarrold had other things on his mind. After this berth was over he and Ti'ana would be getting married and possibly taking some time off, the rest of the crew would go about their assignments whether it was completely new ship named Zealous or even different assignments across the Federation. The Lieutenant Commander looked over at his wife-to-be and gave her a smile that he was sure no one caught.

Crystal waited silently at the back of crew gathered on the bridge, watching and listening to the Captain speaking. Applauding each of the awards being given out. It felt good to see this, hoping there would be more awards given out to non command staff members. Many had come to her after the loss of the Zealous feeling as if they were in some way responcible for it's loss. Crystal doing anything she could to reasure them.

Murdock grinned as he saw the operations officer get promoted. Watching others get a higher rank was something he had come to enjoy, even way back when. It instilled a sense of pride, and kind of made things more worth while . . . like their contributions meant something.

Captain Ja'arda looked around the bridge and smiled, "Today, we're launching with our temporary assignment. No ship, however, should launch without a name. I say that we should give her a name ourselves, even if temporary. So, I open the floor to all of you for this Resistance class. What shall we call her?"

From OPS JD said, "Uh how bout Renaissance."

Ti'ana smiled slightly. "I'm rather partial to our own ships name, but maybe I am biased."

Jarrold tried to keep the pessimism down but it was hard when things had been working against them for so long. It wasn't like Starfleet was going to let them keep the ship anyway. Even if they were going to keep it Starfleet would name the ship and they would go along for the ride. Still if they needed to give it a name... Jarrold cleared his throat. "Considering the crew of the existing USS Renaissance is probably partial to their ships name I would suggest that we follow the conventions set by the name of the class-ship. Being a Resistance class..." Jarrold brought up a list of the existing ships for a reference.

"We have Resistance, Liberty, Opposition." he chuckled a little "well I guess they were built to fight the Borg. I suggest something like Safeguard or maybe Defiance."

JD shrugged and then set to thinking, he agreed with Commander Sullivan, "I agree... Zealous, she may not be ours forever but while she is lets make her part of the family." He replied.

"I actually have it on good word that the name USS Zealous is reserved at the moment. The Corps of Engineers is working on the hull now, and I've heard that they'd get pretty upset if they have to add another letter to the end of the name," the Betazoid mentioned, hoping that others would get the hint and it would also provide them with encouragement to know that there was probably a new Zealous being created at the moment.

"Any other suggestions? Keep in mind what Commander Scott had mentioned regarding ship names usually being complimentary to the ship class," she reminded everyone, hoping to get a bit more input and see if there was some consensus before picking the temporary name for this ship.

Bryson stood there, still toward the back of the bridge, concealed only slightly by a couple of other officers. Every once in a while he craned his neck and stared at the Cardassian Marine. He would definitely want to talk to the 2nd lieutenant sooner rather then later. His mind wandered but then came back to the present. He was irritated and confused by all of this really. Didn't ships get their names before they even left spacedock? In fact, he had never heard of a Captain and a crew naming a ship. It seemed to be a waste of time and resources... but like a good Starfleet Marine, he stood there and waited for this to end.

Seeing that there were no other suggestions coming in, in spite of the Bridge being filled with officers that were known for their creativity under fire, Captain Ja'arda cleared her throat and announced, "Since there are no more ideas, and we have no consensus, then I'll choose one. The temporary name for this ship will be the USS Liberty."

Looking at the newly promoted Operations officer, she announced, "Mr. Valentine, contact the Stardock control, and request clearance for launch."


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