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A Chance Meeting

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2012 @ 7:33am by Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Ensign Kermie Mistwallow

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Ten Forward
Timeline: Present

With preparations for the launch of the new Zealous underway, Captain Azanialix Ja'arda decided to take the opportunity to take some of her work with her into a more public space so she could be closer to her crew, including many of the new faces that had joined them since their last port of call. Sure, looking at schematics and reading reports were one thing, but walking around the decks in person went significantly further to ingrain things into her mind as to where things were, and how to get there quickly if necessary. And with the refit to the ship, making it bigger, some things got moved around as well.

One of the spots where she eventually found herself was the lounge. It was at the very tip of the ship, and the first thing that captured her view were the expansive windows that gave a view of space. Opposite the windows was the bar, which looked pretty plain yet it had what appeared to be a large assortment of alcoholic and synthoholic beverages stored on the racks behind it.

Her gaze then turned to the assortment of tables. With the mission already underway, the lounge was rather sparse of activity. A few who were present during their off-duty hours were enjoying the company of others . . . except for one, who sat at a table by himself. From where she was standing, she could see that he wore a yellow uniform, which meant that he had to be either in Operations, Engineering, or Security.

Making her way over to the table, the Betazoid smiled. It wasn't until she was actually standing right next to the table that she noticed him look up, which prompted her to ask, "Mind if I join you?"

Fidgeting slightly in his seat and looking up at the unfamiliar face standing over him Ensign Kermie Mistwallow put his padd down on the table and bolted up out of his seat as he saw the pips shining on the Captain's collar. "It would be an honour Captain" he said with a slight nervous tone in his voice.

As he stood up he looked around and the few people in the lounge where looking over, the only time someone of authority ever spoke to Kermie was when he was in trouble back at the Academy. His first day and already a visit from the Captain, something had to be wrong.

Zania smiled as she sat down at the table, across from the green-skinned Ensign. It didn't take an empath to notice that he seemed nervous. The tamber of his voice was enough to easily give that away. "Please, no need to stand. I was just trying to become familiar with the ship and swung by here. I noticed that you're new to the crew. Did you just graduate from the Academy?"

Sitting back down Kermie relaxed slightly at a friendly encounter, "Aye Captain, Ensign Kermie Mistwallow reporting for duty. I have been on the ship for less than 24 hours and already have these Protocols and Procedures PADD's to go through as well as learning the ship wide alerts, commanding officer names, i just hope I have my space legs and can take all of this in".

Pushing the PADD's to one side enjoying the break he offers to get the Captain a beverage "May I get you a drink Captain?"

The Betazoid smiled at him and nodded. "Yes, I would love a drink," she admitted. She leaned forward and stole a glance at some of the PADDs. "Looks like you've been diving in pretty deeply to learn all of the regulations and procedures. How have you been faring with trying to take all of it in, so far?"

Kermie stands and walks to the replicator and gets two drinks returning to the table he places them down and sits back in his chair. "It's all pretty standard alot to take in however each ship is different, being straight out of the Academy has its advantages, one being I have nothing to compare this amazing ship to". He smiles to the Captain, takes a sip of his drink and continues on, "One of the things i am looking forward to the most is working with the Security Chief here, and especially this mission we are on. I noticed something about Orion Pirates, have they caused any issues?"

She looked at him curiously after accepting the drink and hearing about the Orion Pirates. She took a sip and set her glass down before asking, "Would you mind if I take a look at that?"

She noticed a slight nod from him before he slid a PADD in her direction. Picking it up, she glanced over the information on it and then looked perplexed. "Hmmmm. I hadn't heard anything about Orions being involved. A lot of this mission is really unknown to us, outside of the need to make a rescue. The information is likely classified, and we'll find out more details as we go along."

Kermie shifts slightly in his chair "My apologies Captain, you pick up a lot of chatter in the lounge, someone even thought a tribble could of been involved" he chuckles slightly although a nervous chuckle being as his fear of tribbles left a lasting mark.

In a way, she couldn't help but to laugh a bit. "Knowing our luck, it probably could be tribbles. Then again, it could be anything. You never really know with this crew. Sometimes, once you're beyond the security of the Academy, it pays to expect the unexpected," she grinned.

"Indeed Ma'am" he says cheerfully as his commbadge beeps, "On that note Captain it looks like the slightly unexpected duty call has finally come, if you will excuse me, I hope we get to chat again soon" He says as he adjusts his uniform and stands waiting to be dismissed.

Zania nodded. "I would like that, a lot. I've got very high hopes for you, Ensign. Welcome aboard again," she smiled.

Kermie nodded at the Captain and about turned leaving Ten Forward behind him and heading to his Duty Station.


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