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Posted on Sat Sep 12th, 2009 @ 5:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Jarrold stepped off turbolift and entered the bridge of this ship. The layout was similar to that of almost every other Starfleet vessel that he had ever seen with the exception of the size. The bridge was by far the most spacious that he had been on.

Just as the rest of the ship was functional so too was the bridge. Jarrold walked into the bridge and stood in the center for a moment, taking everything in before heading over to the engineering station. They bridges engineering station was a lot larger than any he had seen before and unlike most couldn't be reconfigured to do other duties. It was purely an engineering station, something that was just fine with him. The ship had the most advanced engine setup that he had ever seen, with an active redundant warp core as well as a transwarp core that required constant monitoring. In the case of this vessel an engineer would always be required on the bridge while it was out in space.

The complete bridge crew was there and it was good to see them at their posts but Jarrold didn't have time to be nostalgic, he had a final system wide check to run so he activated the comm-system. "Lieutenant Commander Scott to all departments. We launch in 30 minutes. Please report in with your status immediately." he said.

"Captain we'll be ready to launch at our window." Jarrold reported. "Estimated time to destination at full speed is 2.56 hours."


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