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Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2009 @ 7:20am by Lieutenant Commander Howard Murdock

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Present

The doors to the turbolift opened and Murdock walked onto the bridge. His brown eyes glanced around as he took in the layout of the Resistance class bridge. It was different from what he was used to on the Zealous. This one almost seemed to be like a work of art.

All he could do was hope that the layout wasn't going to take away from the functionality. He had seen the specs, but seeing this kind of made him wonder if they were exaggerated.

Moving over to the helm, he sat in the chair and studied the layout of the console. Not too much different from the layout of the console on the Zealous, although there were a few extra buttons that he hadn't seen before. "Must be some of the new features," he mused to himself quietly.

Taking another look around, he could see Valentine at the Operations console, and Ebak at tactical. He grinned, and couldn't wait for them to launch and proceed on their mission. In a way, if the specs turned out to be true, he kind of hoped that some of the features on this ship might be integrated into a new USS Zealous.


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