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Career choice

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2009 @ 10:18pm by Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Harris & 1st Lieutenant Bryson Williams

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Marine CO's Office
Timeline: Current (Backpost before launch)

Daniel walked down the coridoor since being onboard he new little or nothing about his unit.

He entered the CO's office "You wanted to see me Sir?"

When Bryson was shown his temporary office, he had inwardly wondered what he had gotten himself into. The office was a mess, crates stacked against the bulkheads, PADDs strewn about... and it took him a better part of his day to get everything neat and orderly. He even had gotten through half of the PADDs that were on his desk. But still, he had about a dozen more reports to go over. As he sat there, he found himself wishing he was a grunt once again. However, the Marine side of him know this was a good opportunity... even if Admiral Zale failed to promote him in rank.

Ah well that would all come in due time...

At the sound of a voice, Bryson peered over the lip of the PADD he had in his hand. "Ah yes Gunny, thank you for getting here so quickly," he said as he set the PADD down and stood, extending a hand. "1st Lieutenant Bryson Williams... please have a seat."

Daniel sat down "What did you want to see me about Lieutenant?" He asked

Bryson mirrored the Gunnery Sergeant and took a seat. He picked up a PADD and handed it to Harris. "Here is a list of the enlisted and new recruits. Our compliment is smaller due to this ship just being a temporary measure... but I want you to begin working on a training regiment."

Daniel looked at the PADD "A lot of rookies on here Sir" the Gunny scrolling down "But I've been a Drill Sergeant for a while Lieutenant I can handle it".

"I don't have any doubt about that," Bryson replied. "As soon as you come up with a training schedule let me know," there was a slight pause before the 1st lieutenant had continued. "Did you have any questions for me at all?"

"Sir I wanted to know why are you only a 1st Lieutenant?" He asked not knowing the answer.

What an odd question, Bryson thought to himself. It certainly was something he didn't expect to be asked. He really didn't have an answer either. Well... more like he didn't have an answer that didn't involve bashing Admiral Zale. But one thing Bryson Williams was, was an open book. "I started in the Corp rather late... I was actually a Starfleet Officer before I enrolled in OTS. I didn't get the opportunity to advance due to being assigned to starbases. But I am due for a promotion, hopefully the Captain will see find goodness in her heart and give me one." The 1st Lieutenant only briefly smiled... but it was short-lived simply because he knew that was not going to happen. Probably not for a while anyway.

"I understand Sir I only asked as I wanted to understand my new CO" Dan said.

With a flick of his wrist, Bryson waved off the thought. "No harm in a question," he responded. "In all honesty, I was surprised myself... not very many first lieutenant's get their own detachment. So I have a lot to prove," a small smile slipped onto his lips. "So Gunny, tell me a little bit about yourself, the non memorized record version please..."

"Well what can I say I've been a Marine for 20 years seen alot of combat earnt alot of medals" Dan said knowing the details haunted him to this day.

Ah typical marine, Bryson mused to himself. But that was okay, it had helped to have a man with more experience. "Good to know Gunney, if I ever need advice I will know how to go to." He had to admit it was nice to have experience on board. Not that he didn't know things, that was further from the truth... but still... experience always helped.

He knew this was the start of a beautiful working relationship...

Nothing like grunt talk... well sort of...

1st Lieutenant Bryson Williams
Marine CO

Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Harris
First Sergeant


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