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Brief Chat

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2009 @ 2:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott

Mission: The Rescue
Location: Near Engineering

She heard the tail end of him yelling at someone, and smiled slightly. As soon as the ensign's he had been reprimanding went back to their jobs she snuck up behind him. "Ensign Giggles?" she asked playfully.
He turned around. "How are preparations going?" she asked.

Jarrold's scowl went away as soon as he saw his fiancée. Her voice always calmed him... it was at the point that he realized it that he also realized that he loved her, that he would do anything to protect her and that he wanted her to be his wife. Of course because of the life of an officer things had to be put on hold for a little.

"Well except for not knowing some of my officers, an assistant that makes me feel like he is up to something... which is weird considering he's an android... I think this ship is absolutely the most amazing piece of technology that I have ever seen. If this thing really runs at the speeds that the specs say it is capable of I don't think we'll have any problems carrying out this mission ma'am." The ma'am was for the other officers that were standing around and may have over heard their conversation.

What he wanted to do next was to give her a kiss but the reality of the situation was that a nodd would have to do for the moment. They would have plenty of time for kissing and other things after this mission when they were finally married. "I have to be going Commander. We have a short time before launch and I have a lot of other sections to expect. I'll see on the bridge when we disembark."

With that he gave the woman that he loved a simple nod and walked away.


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