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Laughs and Giggles

Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2009 @ 8:18am by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Lieutenant Myth Soong

Mission: The Rescue

This ship was the most pristine that Jarrold had ever seen, even for one just coming off the lot. All the white was actually starting to get to him. He was a true engineer and liked to get a little grime on himself once in a while... it's how he felt like he had done something that day. Still he appreciated the inner workings of the ship and after a few hour of climbing had come to the decision that there was nothing left to do but launch. This as of yet unnamed ship may have been the fastest ship in the quadrant but any more delays would cost them their mission and possibly the lives of everyone on the USS Einstein.

Jarrold had also heard that the ship had a Soong-type android assigned. He wasn't even aware that there were more than 3 and at least 2 of them had been destroyed. This android would be serving as part of his engineering staff and he was actually eager to meet him.

Female laughter drifted around the corner as he approached engineering.

Jarrold wasn't the type to usually interrupt anyone's fun but they were on a tight schedule and if they had time to laugh they had time to make sure that this ship was in top condition. Jarrold was all about having fun but when the time for duty came he was all business. The Lieutenant Commander rounded the corner. "Do we have something funny going on here?" he asked with an extremely serious look on his face.

The pale yellow skin and eyes marked him as an android but his demeanor was not. Myth grinned playfully even as he noticed the Chief Engineer turning the corner. He stood in a bodybuilder pose showing off his biceps while two female crew members each hung off his right and left arms. A human female ensign and Betazoid female petty officer looked on while giggling like giddy schoolchildren.

The petty officer was the first female to notice Jarrold. She snapped to attention. "Good morning, Sir!" She said trying her best to remember her academy training. The girls hanging onto Myth's arms dropped down and similarly tried to recompose themselves, but looked like they were about to boil over with giggling at any minute.

Jarrold's face clenched into a frown. "I don't think we have a lot of time for this." he said. "In fact I think you should all be at your stations preparing this ship to run or has the USS Einstein been recovered without my knowledge? If not I suggest you all get back to work. This ship launches in less than 2 hours and I don't want any excuses when the time comes to pull out of dock."

The female crew members and officers unanimously chorused "Yes, Sir!" Half of them went scattered to various engineering stations and the other half went by Jarrold out the door of engineering.

"We had to test the artificial gravity. You see Buffy--Ensign McAdams--said she felt the gravity was a little over the .9 Starfleet regulated AG. But Tina--Crewmember Rodgers--said it was lower. So naturally, being able to lift several kilograms of weight, I volunteered my services to an experiment."

Jarrold frowned even more. "Next time just use the computer." he said. The frown slowly faded away. "You'll be acting as my Assistant while we are out so I expect you to behave with more decorum. We'll talk more later. I have to be on the bridge in 5 minutes so I am leaving things in your care but I expect things to be ready when I get back."

"Everything will be in perfect working order, Sir," Myth said a suave and reassuring, but sufficiently formal voice, "Trust me."

The female ensign who was trying hard to appear busy at her console stiffled a giggle.

Jarrold pivoted on one foot and but stopped halfway through and glared at her "I hope that you can place some of that energy into doing your job Ensign Giggles." he said. "If not I don't think you'll have a long career in my engine room."

She snapped back into the uniform of Starfleet officer. "Yes, Sir," She said seriously, "won't happen again."

Jarrold continued his pivot and headed out of the door without a further word. He had no time for this when there were lives at stake.

Myth stroked his beard thoughtfully. He hoped he was going to get along with this new Chief Engineer. He had wanted the job but Starfleet seemed reluctant to promote him. "You heard him! I want see this place in tip-top shape! So get your tails in gear." Myth perfectly imitated the sound of a 1969 DeSoto engaging a clutch as he hurried off to Jeffries Tube 126 to check on the plasma conduit.


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