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Warp 12 Ain't That Fast

Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2009 @ 8:12am by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott

Mission: The Rescue

Jarrold stepped from behind the partition in his office wearing the utility jumper that had been brought to him by Ensign Kale. It was a little loose fitting but he wasn't going to complain about it. No he was actually in a hurry to get to work on the launch. Of course they were in scramble mode considering they were a few hours behind and the ship that they were launching to rescue was being stalked.

The Lieutenant Commander headed out of the office, followed by a group of engineers carrying padds that they handed to him one after another. If there was one thing the Scotts knew it was engines and those these were fancy engines indeed it didn't take him long to get the idea. If what he was reading was correct (and considering that other ships of the class had been built) this ship was capable of tunneling farther into subspace than any class before it and could effectively move at an equivalent of warp 12 for short bursts. He could hardly believe it. Jarrold had heard that there had been advances in breaking into true trans-warp speeds but this was beyond anything that he could have imagined was actually practical. He really would have a lot to learn about this vessel. Whatever he learned here would do good on whatever assignment they ended up on after they finished this mission.


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