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Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2012 @ 10:03am by Lieutenant Myth Soong

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Present

=/ Engineering, we're going to need additional power . . . as much as you can spare. We're likely to get into a fight with the pirates, and I want to make sure that the new ship can handle it. \=

Myth hit the comm button on the pool table style LCARS display, =/ Aye, Captain! \= He said as he snapped it off.

He turned around to the engineering team, somehow gaining an eyepatch in the process. "Move you scurvy dogs! Hoist the main sail, man the bilge pumps! Argh! We be havin' pirates of our bow!"

The engineering team, scattered to their stations. They were used to Myth's peculiarities by now. Some chuckled quietly as they got to work on the 25th century equivalent of sails--the warp drive.


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