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Can she take it

Posted on Thu Nov 15th, 2012 @ 1:36pm by Commander Taylor Mason & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Lieutenant Ebak Sison

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current
Tags: Captain Ja'arda, Commander Mason

Ebak's hands ran over his console expertly as he checked the systems on board the ship and got tactical sensors running.

"Captain, tactical sensors are picking up the pirate craft. Three ships of unknown class, they seem to be about the size of a B'rel, disruptor banks and torpedoes armamments, however their signatures do not match any Klingon craft...we could be dealing with something new. Science, can you confirm?" he said looking over to the science station.

Thinking through possible senarios he turned his chair. "Captain, I suggest engaging MVAM...with three enemy ships attacking The Brilliant Star, engaging it with MVAM engaged would mean each one would be occupied with a segment of the ship, giving The Brilliant Star more time, their shields are up...but they won't hold for long...and while they are up we can't beam anyone over...but maybe we can use some Shuttlecraft?" he questioned, looking towarsd the captain and the commander.

The Betazoid Captain thought about Ebak's suggestion with using MVAM. The idea had merit, but that would mean going in full force . . . and by the time they arrived, there was a good chance that the Brilliant Star would already have been taken over by the space pirates. If that was the case, then going in with phasers blaring would likely put the passengers on board at risk.

"MVAM is an option, but let's consider that as our last option. We have to consider how much time it'll take us to get there, as well as the weapons capability of the pirates. They may have taken control of the Brilliant Star by that time, and I don't want to risk any lives," she noted solemnly.

Her dark eyes looked to Ebak as she asked, "Do you have any ideas how we can get a rescue team on board without alerting them? We may have the element of surprise on our side, and if we do I intend to use it."

Ebak ran his hands over his chin, his mind working at light years per second to think of any solutions. "We would have to transport any boarding party to the ship via a small craft. However Shuttlecraft and even fighters are very vulnerable....but..." he paused formulating an idea.
"If we...were to release an antimatter spread into the sector, we'd blind the enemy sensors for a short while. They would have to pilot by instruments and target us manually...and while we do stand out, it is hard to spot a shuttlecraft in such a big black void without sensors." he said, remembering a report he had read regarding the effects of Antimatter on sensors.

She thought about his suggestion and nodded. It hadn't been tried before, to her knowledge, but it certainly had merit. "I think that will work," she noted thoughtfully, turning to Commander Mason. She definitely wanted to get his input on this idea. "What do you think?"

"I think it's risky." Taylor argued. "If we drop and anti-matter spread the shuttles will be just as blind as the pirates and so will the Zealous for that matter. If the shuttles get in trouble the Zealous wouldn't know until it's to late and we could run the risk of agitating the pirates."

“I think we should talk to them. Let them get a false sense of security so that they lower their guard and then while they’re lulled into a false sense of security we beam a security team led by Mr. Sison and myself over to recover the hostage and arrest the pirates.” Taylor was sure that this was the better solution. If the pirates were startled in any way the already unpredictable situation could be made a lot worse. If the Zealous crew were not already in at least partial control of the situation things could get very bad, very quickly.

Zania nodded as she considered Mason's words. He did have a point that the Zealous and the shuttles would be blind. Drawing in a deep breath, she realized that they needed to come to a consensus, and soon.

"You have a good point, and trying to talk to them should be the first step . . . but we'll need a way to protect the Zealous and our shuttles should we have to take a more aggressive posture . . . especially to protect the passenger ship," she noted solemnly. "We can't afford to lose any lives of those on board."

Turning to Ebak, she requested, "Can you work with Science, Operations, and Engineering to develop a way for our sensors to work, even if your idea of the anti-matter spread was used? I do agree that we can't go into this blind, or send any of them out blind."


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