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Attack On A Brilliant Star

Posted on Fri Oct 12th, 2012 @ 7:03pm by Commander Taylor Mason

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Zealous Bridge
Timeline: Current
Tags: Captain Ja'arda. Anyone

The Captain had left the bridge abruptly, leaving Taylor to take the center seat. Zealous had completed her tasks at the testing center and been ordered immediately to active duty. Taylor found it odd, especially considering the ships XO and Chief Engineer were still away on their honeymoon and had not been ordered back to duty. The Captain hadn’t said much regarding it but Taylor felt that something out of the ordinary was definitely going on here. He wanted to ask her what was going on, if he was going to act as her first officer while Ti’ana was away she would have to speak up.

Then again there was the chance that she didn’t know why they had been ordered to duty so quickly herself. Taylor for the most part, while he was happy to be part of the crew, hadn’t had time to familiarize himself with them. He would have had liked to have more time to acclimate to them before going into any situation where he would have to trust their judgment and they his. A good deal of this crew had been together for a long time and he was a relative outsider, coming in and being given charge over them. This was going to definitely be a tough one for folks on all sides.

”Commander Mason, we’re receiving a distress call.” the operations officer said.

“On screen.” Taylor said as he leaned back in the center chair.

“It’s audio only sir.” came the response. “It’s on a general frequency.”

“Play it.” the Commander replied.

"Aye sir.”

“This Captain Antevian of The Brilliant Star,” a soft female voice said over the channel. “We are being attacked by pirates and require assistance from any friendly vessel that can render assistance.”

“Bring up information on The Brilliant Star.” Taylor instructed.

“Sir, The Brilliant Star is a Galaxy Class vessel. After the war with the Dominion there were several ships that were not... let’s just say... cost economic to repair. These ships parted out or in some cases stripped of any prohibited technology and sold to private groups. The Brilliant Star was one of three Galaxy Class ships sold to Galaxy Hikers Travels and converted to luxury liners. She was completely stripped of her weapons and engines, and it came only be assumed that civilian equivalents were installed in the place. For a ship of her class she will be drastically under-powered, being nothing but a cruise ship for the rich and privileged.”

“Lay in a course for the location and update Starfleet.” Taylor said ordered as he reached down and touched a control on the arm of the chair. “Bridge to the Captain. Ma’am we have received a distress call from a civilian ship. We are in route now.”


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