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Let The Games Begin

Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2012 @ 3:15pm by Commander Taylor Mason

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Zealous - Bridge
Timeline: Current

Taylor stood next to the Captain, his arms crossed behind his back.

He had been a Starfleet Officer for most of his life, seemingly forever. He had entered the Academy at 15 years old, the youngest human to ever do so, and graduated in only 3 years, again being the youngest human to graduate from Starfleet Academy. His career had taken him through virtually every department that Starfleet had to offer, from science officer on the Lionheart and Chief of Operations on the same vessel. He had served as an engineer on a few ships, served as Strategic Operations Officer of a Starbase and even been head of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau for a very brief period before his wife realized that he was going stir crazy and essentially kicked him off of the planet. She knew that the only way for her husband to not lose his mind was to be in space... aboard a starship. As for her... well Alex had had enough and was content with her posting as Chief of Security of Starbase 1 and to raise their daughter Ariel. She had actually wanted to come with him but decided they decided that Ariel was better off on Earth, far away from the dangers of the space... the entire reason that they had returned to Earth in the first place. Plus her grandparents were there and the little girl would not be easily taking away from them.

Taylor shock his head slightly to snap out of his daydreaming and bring himself back to what was at hand. The Zealous dropped out of warp and entered the Argolis Cluster proving grounds. The proving grounds had been commissioned about a year ago and had proven to be an excellent obstacle course with large holo-projectors placed throughout a large asteroid field. Essentially it was a holodeck that was big enough to maneuver starships in. "Captain, welcome to the Argolis Proving Grounds." he said.

Zania looked on as they approached the cluster and couldn't help but to admire Commander Mason's choice for the shakedown. "Impressive. Very, very impressive, Commander. Is everything pre-set, or can the difficulty level be adjusted as needed as we run through the course?" she inquired.

"Hey, kick it up to the highest level. It'll be just like playin' a video game back home. Maybe we can get Ensign Broek to help out too, and test how she handles a multi-vector split in the middle of this thing," Murdock suggested.

The Betazoid could feel how excited the helm officer was to push the new ship to the limits, but also saw the wisdom of his suggestion. "Good idea, Mr. Murdock. Contact Ensign Broek and have him report to one of the two battle bridges for MVAM separation. We'll do one normal run through first, before doing a second run testing the separation sequence in such close quarters."

Taylor nodded. "Aye." he said. "All decks, Zealous has entered the Argolis Proving Grounds. As of this moment we are on red alert."

With that he signaled Ops with a slight tilt of his head in their direction. "Let the games begin."


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