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First Meeting

Posted on Wed Jan 25th, 2012 @ 11:37am by Ensign Brianna Perim PhD & Commander Taylor Mason

Mission: The Hunters
Timeline: Prior to launch

Brianna stepped out of the Captain's ready room and tapped her combadge, "Ensign Perim to Commander Mason; do you have a minute, Commander?"

Taylor turned around from the bridges engineering substation. He had been monitoring the performance of the new ships engines since they left dock. They were modified versions of the same engines that he had designed as part of Project Resistance. While he was confident in the design, as they had been proven in the Resistance Class Starship, his real concern was how the design of the ship would hold up to his engines. "What can I do for ensign?" the Commander asked.

"I...ah...Sorry, Commander, I didn't see you there," the young Trill stammered momentarily, before recovering her composure. "Captain Ja'arda asked me to work with you to prepare course calculations for exploring sectors 22,100 through 22,500."

Taylor nodded. "Of course." he said. "That area should give us a good test of the upgraded sensor array. Of course any travel to those sectors would have to wait until after we've completed our a run through the Argolis Cluster. The engines and weapons need stress testing and we've already plotted course."

"Yes, of course, Sir," she replied. "The Captain only asked that we compile the course calculations. She gave no indication when or even if we'll be using them. It's possible she intends to forward the results to Starfleet Command, so an appropriately equipped deep space exportation vessel can be dispatched."

The Captain was returning to the bridge at that moment so Taylor looked back at the Ensign. "We have a few hours before we reach the Argolis Cluster. I guess we can work on this now. It will be a good chance to give the Stellar Cartography and Astrometrics array a good once over." he said. The Commander stood up and headed to the turbolift "Care to join me Ensign?"

"Sir, I've already run a complete set of diagnostics on the cartographic and astrometric sensors," Brianna replied as she followed Mason to the turbolift. "Was there something wrong with my report? I believe I followed all the appropriate protocols. Did I forget something?"

"Astrometrics." Taylor said to the lift "You're report was satisfactory and I am not questioning your ability to work on this. I simply find that working in the labs much more efficient when you are working on this type of thing."

The lift travelled along the ship and delivered them on the appropriate deck.

"My apologies, Commander," Brianna replied a little sheepishly, "I misunderstood your meaning. It was my understanding that giving something 'a good once over' meant inspecting it for flaws. Is this interpretation not correct?"

Taylor nodded. "As with almost all things in life you will find that there are many interpretations to things. While I am completely confident in your diagnostics report there are some things that you can't know for sure until you completely tested it yourself." He gave her a smile. "Take the first human warp flight. Zephram Cochrane has made all of the calculations and his diagnostics showed that he was right but there is absolutely no way that he could have known that the Phoenix was going achieve warp speed until he actually took it into space and tested it."

Brianna looked thoughtful for several moments as they walked towards Astrometrics. "I believe I understand," she replied as they reached the lab. Keying the door, she stepped to the side, "After you, Commander."


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