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The Proving Grounds

Posted on Tue Oct 18th, 2011 @ 10:30am by Commander Taylor Mason & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Lieutenant Commander Howard Murdock

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Zealous Bridge
Timeline: Current

She then turned to Commander Taylor Mason and grinned, "Got any preferences for a test for this new ship, Commander?"

Taylor stood next to the Captain's chair with his hands cupped behind his back. "Yes ma'am." he responded. "Commander Murdock, set course for the Argolis Cluster, Warp 6." There was a starship proving ground in the same system where they could put this new ship through the paces."

"Yes, sir," Murdock responded, tapping at the controls. Sure, he knew when to have fun, but it was the discipline within the military that helped him to realize when he needed to take things seriously and focus on the task at hand. There were some times that, if one didn't pay attention, they could end up hurt or worse.

The Betazoid looked over to Mason and smiled, "The Argolis Cluster is an interesting choice. I look forward to what you have in mind, Commander." she noted.

Taylor nodded. "Yes Ma'am." he said as he moved towards the engineering section. He was on the ship in a capacity other than engineering but with his background he figured he could help out in the position while the Chief Engineer was away on his honeymoon. "I'll brief you the crew more once we arrive but I definitely plan on putting the ship and crew through their paces."


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