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A New Dawn

Posted on Fri Jul 29th, 2011 @ 4:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Howard Murdock

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Present

Murdock tapped at the controls upon hearing the operations officer provide the clearance for the launch from spacedock. A quirkly little grin appeared on his face as his fingers tapped a few of the buttons. "Moorings are released, powering up thrusters now," he announced.

The ship responded immediately to his commands, beginning its slow but graceful separation from the spacedock, and gently reaching into the fabric of space. It kind of reminded him of how an infant starts to learn how to crawl for the first time, and once they do realize that they're mobile they start to really scoot around and pick up speed. The new USS Zealous was just the same . . . starting out slowly before she could really run.

In a way, the helm officer was excited. He almost felt like that little infant may have . . . the pure joy with realizing that you were able to move around on your own, and the expectation of being able to go faster and longer.

He watched the viewscreen as the walls of the spacedock fell out of view, leaving nothing but open space ahead. The image then changed to a rear view, where everyone on the bridge could see as the spacedock moved further and futher away until they could see stars separating the ship from the dock.

"Captain, we've cleared spacedock," he announced.


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