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Launch Time

Posted on Tue Jul 12th, 2011 @ 11:57am by Commander Taylor Mason & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Lieutenant Commander Howard Murdock & Lieutenant Myth Soong & Lieutenant Ebak Sison & Lieutenant Commander Joy Robinson & Lieutenant Blake Hunter

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Zealous
Timeline: Current
Tags: Anyone

Taylor stood next to the Captain on the bridge of the Zealous A. He had been at the launch of many starships in his years in Starfleet and each time was a special experience. This was his first time serving as XO, even if it was only a temporary assignment until the real XO got back from her honeymoon. Still he was excited to have this chance and more than anything to get back into space after a couple of years stuck behind a desk.

"All stations report your status." Taylor said. Though they had all sent in their readiness reports the commander wanted verbal confirmation before they gave the word to get underway.

Myth rolled over on his chair and hit the comm on the pool table display. "Engineering is ready to fly."

Blake was happy to be back in a familiar place. His time away from everything on his sabbatical opened his eyes further to new medical treatments. And it also revealed a few personal things about himself.

He was happy to be back on the bridge at the medical station even if it was only for the launch wanting to make his presence known he said "Medical is ready" he said then added "We're still missing medical files on a few crew members but Starfleet reports they'll send them after we've launched."

Ebak tapped some controls on his tactical console bringing up weapon system displays, targetting computers, tactical scanners and tactics. Ebak smiled and turned to the command zone. "Tactical is locked and loaded." He looked slightly to the right of the tactical display. "Security is also on standby."

Murdock sat at the helm console, cracking his knuckles once before he tapped at the controls. A small grin crossed his face as he pulled up the familiar commands, and then ran a check on the systems. After a moment, he noted, "Navigation systems are green."

Zania listened to the reports as they rolled in and smiled. This was the moment they were waiting for . . . to launch the new ship and embark on the maiden voyage for this brand new Prometheus-class vessel. She could empathically feel the excitement among munch of the crew, as they were definitely eager to have everyone back together again and start a whole new series of adventures.

Taylor stood to the left of the Captain with his hands cuffed squarely behind his back. As each department reported in he acknowledged them and then moved on. After the final report in Taylor turned to the Captain.

"All departments report ready for launch Captain." Taylor said with an ever so slight nod.

Captain Ja'arda nodded. "Very good, Commander. Get clearance from spacedock for departure. Once we've attained it, then take us out Mr. Murdock."

"Space dock. This is Zealous requesting permission to depart." Taylor said as he opened a comm-channel.

"You have clearance for launch through spacedoor 2 Zealous." the controller responded. "And good luck out there."

"Thank you Space Dock control." Taylor returned before turning off the channel and looking at the helm. "It's your show Mr. Murdock."


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