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Ebak's Story

Posted on Tue Dec 6th, 2011 @ 6:35am by Lieutenant Ebak Sison & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda

Mission: These Last 6 Months
Location: Earth - England
Timeline: Current

The sounds of birds chirped in the air as the cool brush of wind gently raised the fur on his body. Lieutenant Ebak Sison stood in front of his easel letting his hand be guided by his creative flow, the brush slowly painting what he envisioned. It was difficult to paint from memory and he had never been much of a painted, however every day he contributed just a little to the artwork.

He knew it would never be displayed on any gallery wall anywhere in this quadrant...or even this time period. That was never the point, he painted because he wished to paint, he had never been an expert painter however most claimed it was a little bit of false modesty that was forever present in his character.

His cat like ears pricked up. The familiar hum of an incoming shuttlecraft could be heard in the distance... He sighed and looked around at the woodland area. The small house that resided within the fields of Norfolk was remote and far away from most establishments. The recent events with the USS Zealous and his mutation caused Starfleet to decide he should be placed on "Indefinite leave". He had been angry at the decision but it had given him time to pursue other hobbies such as painting, reading while he was away from duty. The one thing that irked him was that he know that Starfleet were not looking to reassign him...he was at a dead end in his very short Starfleet career. He was a liability; the mutation had a profound effect on his body.

When he had set out as Ensign Ebak Sision aboard the USS Zealous he had been human albeit with a dubious past involving the organisation known only to him by a single line of the Starfleet charter. Article 14, Section 31. The mysterious and 'morally questionable' secret service that operated within the Federation. As a child he had been experimented on and was used in a Eugenics experiment, an advancement of the theories put forth by Doctor Arik Soong. However instead of merely enhancing human DNA, the DNA of the 'subjects' were spliced with traits from many different races in hopes of creating an officer with many facets. Including the strength of Klingons, the patience of Vulcans, the telepathy of Betazeds and many more freakish theories on how the human body could be modified to create the 'ultimate officer'. The experiment was a catastrophic failure and the project was shut down with the subjects only showing small signs of developing the traits expected.

Ebak, or "Experiment 3162, Subject 12" as he was known as within Section 31 did not develop any interesting abilities, no telepathy, no vastly increased strength, he was fully human with normal human traits. Until puberty. All the subjects started to display signs of manifestation, most acquired an increased intelligence. All Subjects passed the Starfleet entry exam with record marks, marks seen only by the likes of Wesley Crusher amongst others. The subjects also displayed increased physical strength. Not to a Klingon Level, but with training they seemed to gain muscle faster than their 'normal' classmates. However some also started to mutate, painful mutations that lead to physical changes, Subject 4 was the first to go, he was found dead from a heart attack, however the body recovered had Klingon ridges and a darker pigmentation...other subjects started to mutate into hybrids, Human-Andorian, Human-Vulcan...some more painful than others...some fatal.

It was one Mission on the Zealous that Ebak mutated becoming a Hybrid of a Human - Caitain. His body growing fur, his eyes changing, ears reshaping...his body and facial shape remained as did his mane like red hair. He had survived...but had a hard time adapting to his new seemed like a lifetime ago...however Starfleet...or Section 31 to be exact were worried that his mental state may have been compromised even though the ships councillor had declared him healthy. He was a possible security risk and that could not be allowed.

However the Section was the last thing on his mind as his yellow slitted eyes observed the Federation shuttlecraft landing just outside his homestead.

Wandering over he noticed a very familiar person step out, someone he had not seen for several years.

"Captain Azanialix Ja'arda..." he smiled in genuine pleasure " I thought I'd never see you again...or anyone from Starfleet again for that matter...'indefinite shoreleave' I was told.."

Zania couldn't help but to smile at her crew member. They had forged a long friendship, and she was there for him when his transformation had begun while he was on the Zealous. It had been rough on him, and it was still evident that he was struggling with it due to the fact that he withdrew to a secluded area and requested the indefinite leave.

"It's good to see you again, Ebak . . . although I'm afraid this isn't a social call. I know that you're on leave, but we're re-assembling the crew," she started to say, waiting to see what his reaction would be.

Ebak turned to his painting and placed abit more detail upon the lake in the distance.

"I would like nothing more to return, however its not my decision...Starfleet placed me here on leave...they consider me a 'liability'" he chuckles scoffing "As if I were some alien invader of Maquis sympathizer." he sighed turning to her pain in his eyes "and when Starfleet makes up its mind its very hard to change it, I doubt you'd be able to convince them to return to the Zealous. I have heard whispers they want to station me somewhere out of the way, if they're going to station me anywhere at all."

Zania paused for a moment, trying to hide a small smile from appearing on her face. But, right now, she wanted to find out a lot more information. "Do you know who in Starfleet considers you as a liability, and why they put you on leave?" she wondered.

Ebak turned his attention back to his Captain "Not who specifically...but as an entity...yes" he backed onto his stool "Section 31...usually when something concerns me they are the first to arise concerns...I take it you've heard of the Section? Despite its...secretive..nature?"

She nodded, her dark hair flowing around her shoulders as she indicated her acknowledgement of hearing about the clandestine part of Starfleet Intelligence. "Yes, I've heard of them, but why would they force you to go on leave? I just don't understand what they have to do with you," she emphasized, wanting to get the whole truth.

He grinned looking down. "Its quite simple they can keep an eye on me. My...nature, my DNA in the hands of the wrong faction could prove successful where the Section failed, to produce the ultimate warrior. Can you imagine if the True Federation were to make the perfect officer? Strong, intelligent, cunning...dangerous." He chuckled "In that way I am a liability." He sighed. "Had my father still been alive he would be able to counter the order." Ebak shook his head. "Its quite amusing when I think about it, I'm being restricted by a section of Starfleet that doesn't exist, yet no one questions the orders which seem to come from no one in particular..."

The Betazoid nodded, now fully understanding why they had decided to do this to him . . . but, what he didn't know is that all hope wasn't lost. Her face was a picture of serene calm as she asked, "What if I told you that the order has already been countered?"

He grinned "I wouldn't be suprised...though I would fear for the person who counteracts the order. The Section....doesn't take too kindly to being usurped."

Zania couldn't help but to grin at her friend. "I spoke with Admiral Granger about the situation. He's been one of my staunchest supporters, and also for all members of the Zealous crew. He pulled some strings and twisted some arms, and got your forced leave lifted," she explained. "Now, there's no guarantee that Section 31 won't try to come after you, but if they do then they'll have the whole Zealous crew to deal with."

Ebak couldn't help but grin as silently he strolled over to the nearby cabin, opened the door, reached inside...and emerged with bag closing the door. "So...when do we leave?" He grins mischeviously.

She watched as he retrieved a bag, almost as if maybe he had expected her to come with this news. She couldn't help but to smile inwardly at that, since it clearly reminded her of just how invaluable Ebak was to her crew. "We'll leave as soon as you're ready. Since you're already packed, that'll be right . . . now," she chuckled. "But, could I ask why you had your bag packed already?"

Ebak smiled looking down almost embarassed.
"I believed that my Captain wouldn't let a 'little' thing like Section 31 and 'orders' stand in the way of recruiting me." a lump formed in his throat and he looked up into her eyes. "The the only family I have now..."

Zania couldn't help but to smile at his statement. It seemed like he knew her all too well. "Well, it's one family that I hope will be there for a very, very long time. I'm always glad to welcome new faces and returning ones, but hate to lose any members of the crew . . . of our family," she noted gently. "Speaking of which, let's head back to the ship. Our transport window closes in five minutes, and the next one won't be for another 8 hours."

Ebak smiled as together, the Zealous' Captain and Chief Tactical officer took a brisk pace over to the shuttle.

The two took their seat as the shuttle blasted off towards home...


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