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The Wedding Star.

Posted on Thu Jun 16th, 2011 @ 8:39pm by Crystal Q

Mission: These Last 6 Months
Location: Zealous
Timeline: Current

Crystal had been watching the wedding of Commanders Jarrold Scott & Ti'ana Sullivan in her natural form, unseen by the others and hovering near the ceiling. Concealing tears and lost dreams of her own wedding to ToQ, the Klingon mate that she had known for years, lost to natural causes.

The wedding was a beautiful thing to watch, these two mortals were so right for each other. Over the years Crystal had wondered when this great event would happen. Sure, Crystal could simply have gone into the future in this instance to find out, but where's the enjoyment in that?

During the wedding, she made several vases appear their quarters with flowers and roses of all kinds and colors and a small, beautifully wrapped gifts on their pillows. Inside each box was half of a sparkling, star shaped, pendant. Each one half of a whole and a message, beautyfully written on anchent parchment paper saying, 'When touched together, thease two halfs will summon me to grant your wedding wish. Until then, once the pendant cord touches your skin, it will become invisible and undetectable to all others. Only we, you Jarrold, Ti'ana and I Crystal will be able to see and detect them. Once used, they will desolve into stardust and blow away in a gentle brease once the wish is granted'. Now all she needed to do, was wait.


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