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My New Job

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2011 @ 4:37pm by Commander Taylor Mason & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Zealous
Timeline: Hours before launch

Taylor stood looking at the main viewer. The ship would launch in a few hours to what his understanding was going to be a brief shakedown. The XO and Chief Engineer were on their honeymoon. They would be gone for the next 2 weeks and then the Zealous would pick them up at Risa before starting their normal operational duties. Most of the crew had some aboard and the small contingent of civilian personnel that would be on the ship had already set up as well. In fact they ship had surprisingly gotten ready for launch in only a matter of hours and now it was just getting the word from space dock that kept them from heading out.

Taylor had yet to talk to the Captain but then again he had understood going in that she was a busy woman. She had just married off her two most senior officers and then organized the rest of the ships launch details while seeing off members of her previous command that wouldn't be serving on this new ship. That had left Taylor to not only get acquainted with a few members of the crew but to also learn almost every nook and cranny of the ship. He would be serving as XO for the two weeks that they were on the shakedown before the XO returned, at which point he would be moving to his duties as Strategic Operations Officer.

Captain Ja'arda continued to review some of the last minute data within her ready room prior to the launch. In a way, she couldn't help but to feel excited with this brand new ship, and pretty much a brand new crew. Sure, there were some familiar faces around, but there were also a lot of new crew members who had come on board in recent weeks. She was really eager to see what their performance would be like once they got underway.

For now, with both her XO and Second Officer off on their honeymoon, she figured it was time to get to know who would be filling in for them until they would be picked up. Pressing a button on her desk console, she called out, "Captain Ja'arda to Commander Mason, please report to my ready room."

Taylor had heard the Captains call... he had even been ready for it. They hadn't had a chance to talk before hand so he was sure that she was going to feel him out as a member of her senior staff, he wouldn't have expected anything less. "Yes ma'am, on my way." he said as he tapped his com-badge and started towards the door to her office. It was a quick trip and before he stood, ringing the chime and waiting for the call to enter.

She heard the door chime and smiled. She could sense that it was him . . . on the other side of the door. "Enter," she called out as she saw the doors begin to part.

Taylor stepped into the Captain's Office and then stood at attention, not really something normally done but Taylor hadn't meet with the Captain in a formal setting before and wanted to start their working relationship off properly. "Commander Taylor Mason, reporting as ordered." he said before relaxing his stance a little. "How can I help you Captain?" he asked.

"Please, have a seat," she gestured to one of the chairs on the other side of her desk. "With my XO and Second Officer on their honeymoon, I figured it best to meet with the person that will be filling in in their absence. You've come very highly recommended, Commander. Although I can certainly read through your service jacket, I'd prefer to hear from you directly about your Starfleet career."

The Betazoid paused and smiled a bit before continuing, "So, tell me, what has brought you to this position on the Zealous?"

Taylor sat down and relaxed a little. The Captain was a warm and inviting person... he thought that he could get used to it here. "I thought that it was time for a change." he responded. "That and I think I was driving my wife nuts. She's the Chief of Security for Starbase One... we thought it best to raise our daughter away from the constant unknowns of direct space exploration but after a couple of years as a researcher I think she saw that I was restless and really wanted to be back out in space so she practically shoved me out the door to get me on a deep space assignment."

Zania nodded as she listened intently. "Some people are just made to be among the stars, going from one adventure to another it would seem," she noted, almost as if echoing the underlying sentiment.

"I would like to ask," she started, "what ideas you have to make running the ship more efficient that we could retain, even after my XO and Second Officer return from their honeymoon?"

"Not at this time ma'am." Taylor said. "I'd have to see how your crew operates together. To be honest though, I'm really not an efficiency expert... at least when it comes to personnel."

The commander gave a smile. "However if you need anything from me let me know. I am at your service."

Zania nodded and then stood up from behind her desk. "Well, then, Commander, I believe we have a ship to launch. Let's take our places on the bridge and get underway."


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