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Date For A Honeymoon

Posted on Tue Jul 12th, 2011 @ 5:26pm by Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott & Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott

Mission: The Hunters
Timeline: Current

Jarrold and Ti'ana had danced all night, celebrating their union with their friends there helping them. Now though it was time for them to get ready for their honeymoon. They were going to spend two weeks on Risa before being picked up by the new Zealous. Jarrold had just hoped that he had finished everything. He had left instructions with his assistant Myth... whom had recently been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. The android had proven himself a hard worker and more than capable for the most part but had picked up a bit of a reputation as a schemer... something that Jarrold found incredibly odd. It was almost like he had been programmed to be a bit of a cad. Still that was something that Jarrold wasn't going to worry about at this point. Instead he was going to focus of spending time with his wife.

"You ready to go gorgeous? The transport leaves in an hour." Jarrold said. He had finished packing and was looking forward to nothing but two weeks of relaxation with Ti'ana. "I want to get a good seat." This was actually more than a transport... it was actually a star cruise that would take them on a scenic view of the Federation until finally arriving at Risa in 5 days.

Ti'ana looked around the room. "Yes, I am so ready," she said with a grin "to go to Risa with my husband."

Jarrold gave her a kiss and then grabbed her hand. He was married to no only the woman that he love but also the person who was his best friend. It was like a dream that he would have hated to wake up from.

They two grabbed their bags and quickly made their way to the shuttle that would take that to their star cruiser which would in turn take the on their honeymoon. 10 days without having to worry about red alerts, True Federation invasions or planetary disasters. No, this was going to be about just the two of them, and as far as Jarrold was concerned the rest of the universe did not exist.


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