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Quietly waiting.

Posted on Wed Apr 20th, 2011 @ 8:06pm by Ensign Tamarra James Ms

Mission: The Hunters
Location: The Zealous.

The wedding had gone well, at least as far as Tamarra could tell from her vantage point way at the back of the room. She was somewhat new on board and hadn't wanted to intrude upon the occasion. Still, a wedding made everyone happy. It spoke of the future, of opportunities and the fact that were would indeed be something to look forward to.

It made her job much easier. Mostly. There were always some who could only feel sad, remembering past loves and What If's that threatened to consume them. She'd run out of tissues with one lonely ensign yesterday.

Thankful that she had no might-have-been memories, she simply enjoyed the ceremony and looked forward to the celebration that was to follow. The love upon the faces of the couple was evident. Parents looked very proud and happy.

Tamarra sighed a small content sound, in the middle of the cheering. It gained her a nudge from the fellow sitting next to her, who thought that she was expressing some other emotion. She nudged back, with a giggle and that set the two of them off laughing with the glee of the moment.

It was a lovely day. Tamarra hoped it would continue to be so, well into the end of the celebrations.


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