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Greeting the Commander

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2011 @ 2:26pm by Commander Taylor Mason & Ensign Zoe Fox

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Counselors Ofiicer

The young Ensign had just finished looking over some of the crews reports when she came across the name Commander Mason Taylor.

Here's a interesting fellow she thought to herself Human/Vulcan/Betazoid mix, I wonder how much of each of the race treats he has. It would be interesting to find out if he thinks like a Vulcan but with such a mix of emotions. How would one person cope.


Taylor had spent the better part of the day looking over the ship and trying to get a feel for her. Maybe it was because he had been raised aboard ships but he had always felt comfortable on there than anywhere else. Not to get him wrong... he loved the time that he spent on Earth with his wife and child, always cherishing it to the utmost... it was just that the gentle vibration of a ships deck plate, a feeling that most people never noticed, soothed him and made him feel comfortable.

After his tour of the ship Taylor had sent letters to this 3 siblings and his mother than before talking to his wife and daughter for nearly 3 hours. Ariel was growing bigger every day and starting to look more and more like her mother. She was only 4 years old but as smart as a child twice her age and as big as a child a few years older. She amazed her parents more all the time. Even at 3 years old she had already expressed and amazing talent for absorbing knowledge, being able to read and write in both Federation Standard and Vulcan as well as speaking both languages. She was also an athletic child, loving to play outside with her grandfather and uncles for hours on end before coming him.

The Commander had said goodbye to his wife and daughter after their long conversation and then looked at the time. Ariel would be going for her bath and then bed soon and Alex had reports to write before her meeting with the commanding officer of Starbase 1 tomorrow so after giving their love to each other the ended their call. Taylor was still wide awake and decided to go on another tour of the ship to cover the things he couldn't see because of the work crews.

She made her way though the work crews and was about to ask who in heck this was when she recalled his face from the reports she was reading " Commander Mason I assume. Let me help you navigate this ship sir." To think she was just out of her office trying to stretch her legs.

Taylor was already familiar with the ship but the ensign seemed like she wanted to help and he still had a bit of exploring to do so he obliged. "Thank you Ensign.... ." he started. "I would appreciate that very much."



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