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Wedding Gift

Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2011 @ 2:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Crystal Q

Mission: These Last 6 Months
Location: Starbase 1
Timeline: 2 Months Ago

Jarrold had been pacing the deck for a while. He'd had this eerie feeling for the last few hours but had not been able to place it. It hadn't been disturbing... just that feeling that people get then they think they are missing seeing something out of the corner of their eye. Whatever it was hadn't passed like usual though and he started him pacing in an effort to figure out what it was.

Crystal wasn't far away and had been talking softly to ToQ's spirit, who had been her mate and fellow cremate until an unexpected and sudden tragedy in their lives had taken her young Klingon away. ToQ was semi visible to others, but as 'solid' as he always was to her. That is, when he desired to be.
Jarrold jumped as though something cold had run up his spine and the feeling intensified. He'd always been hypersensitive to things but this was just plain odd... even to him.

ToQ leaned closer to her, whispering in her ear then slowly disappeared. The sly smile on the she Q's face quickly faded to one of a relaxed demeanor. Pretending to concentrate on the PADD she had been holding, she turned and headed straight towards Jarrold. Crystal normally wasn't a Q prankster, and the fairly rare times she was, she made sure it wasn't physically or mentally harmful, but there were times when the temptation was irresistible. ToQ at this time remained in his invisible state to all but Crystal as he 'reappeared' several meters behind the ships engineer and watched her. As she moved closer to Jarrold, so did he.

Jarrold spun around as though someone had tapped him on the shoulder and almost knocked over Crystal. "My apologies." he said
Keeping up her 'act', and looking him in the eyes, she pulled a surprised face at him. "Oh my! Um... hello. Commander Scott. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and relax.... your nervousness is so thick it can be cut with a knife. You'll love it. I know how much you love each other, besides, she's nervous in her own way herself. Love of another is a wonderful thing. I've had several mates over a vastly long time, and each was a loving gift. If you remember ToQ, the young Klingon who was on the ship several months ago, was my favorite, our love ran so deep that we liked to say it was beyond molecular level. Cherish her Mr. Scott, you'll be so happy together."

At this point, ToQ's spirit was standing within inches of the Chief Engineers back, waiting quietly and ready to 'reappear' in an instant but still unseen by others.

"Of course." Jarrold said, swiftly tucking themselves behind his back. He remembered ToQ. The Klingon Science Officer that had served with them. He hadn't really gotten to know him much since Jarrold himself had transferred out of the science department and been promoted to Chief Engineer and Second Officer on top of that. While his interaction with the Klingon had been sparse he understood that he was well regarded by his fellow crew mates. "I am completely thrilled that she said yes. And I can't wait for the time to come."

"What do you think of a special gift on your wedding day?... Crystal asked.

Jarrold let out a slight sigh. He had never been one to accept gifts even as a child. Still she was trying to open up to him and he was sure that Ti'ana would enjoy it as well. "That sounds nice." he said.

"Granted, what is your truest wish to have?" Crystals smile became warm and gentle? With a sudden small flash of light, all four of her small dogs appeared behind her. Happy and playing with each other, but staying close to her. Looking down and watching them, "what are you rascals doing out of your play area?"

Jarrold grinned a little... still not sure of what to make of Crystal. Giving a slight nod he pivoted. "Thank you." he said. "I'll discuss it with Ti'ana." He hated to leave like that but he had a meeting with a group from the Daystrom Institute... they were laying out the details on the install of the new computer core and he wanted to make sure that they were on schedule.


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