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A New Job

Posted on Wed Apr 13th, 2011 @ 5:07pm by Commander Taylor Mason

Mission: The Hunters
Location: Zealous
Timeline: Current

Taylor finished unpacking his bags and stowing his things. After what seemed like an eternity he was back in space and no longer involved in the stuffy back office politics of running the Design Bureau. The assignment itself was only supposed to be temporary but as many things of that nature were apt to do it turned out to be a more permanent assignment than he had hoped for. Still the realization of what he could do out in the field as opposed to from behind a desk pushing papers had prompted Starfleet to finally get him back into space.

Initially they had wanted to offer him a command of his own... possibly even the USS Liberty, the latest ship in the very class that he had helped to design and pioneer the construction of. Who better to command a ship than the person who knew how to get the most out of it. There were many who had wanted him to have his own command and even planned of fast tracking him to the the Admiralty, something that he himself was not sure that he was ready for. After all even though he was a 13 year veteran of Starfleet he was still only in his early 30's and the novelty of him being a genius and youngest human to graduate from Starfleet Academy had worn on some people. Plus he himself know that he didn't want it yet. Eventually he planned on having his own command but now there was a lot more for him to learn.

There was some talk of having him serve as XO of the newly constructed Prometheus Class ship but it eventually boiled down to the command staff of the previous Zealous getting the new ship. That being decided Taylor was assigned to the ship but as the Strategic Operations Officer. His experience in the department from his time on Federation Outpost Regal 1 as well as his experience in many other areas of Starfleet made him perfect for the job and with his eagerness to get back into the fleet he gladly accepted the offer. Of course he later found out that his wife had pulled a few strings. He had been moping around the house, unhappy about where his career had led him thus far and Alex was on the verge of strangling her husband unless he did something about it. They'd had a happy marriage and continued to, mainly because he had recognized early on that he wife knew him and how he was feeling better than he knew himself. He recognized that listening to her was the key to a long and happy marriage. She loved him enough to always tell him the truth and he loved and trusted her enough to always listen and know that she was telling the truth to him.

Alex had opted not to come with him on this assignment. She had been assigned as the Chief of Security of Starbase 1 and on top of that still wasn't sure about the prospect of their daughter being raised on a Starship or Starbase... one of the reasons that they had returned to Earth in the first place. Plus it was convenient for her to drop Ariel off for a weekend at her parents when she could beam directly into the front of the house from work. That said Taylor had kissed his wife and daughter a few hours ago and took a shuttle up to the Zealous.

Upon his arrival he found everything that he had expected to find on a ship that had just been completed. She even had the new ship smell. The Zealous was relatively empty with the exception of the maintenance crews finishing up their work. From what he understood the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Mason, had spent most of his free time between working on this ship and planning his wedding to the ships Executive Officer. He and Lieutenant Commander Mason had a lot in common in that respect. He remembered meeting him a few years back at a warp technology symposium and had been impressed it with him. Serving together might do them both some good.

After he finished unpacking his gear the Commander decided to tour the ship. Even though he had seen the specs on the Prometheus Class and had for the most part committed them to heart... after many of his own design principles for the Resistance Class were used here... he had never been aboard one. As he understood the crew themselves where attending the aforementioned wedding of the XO and Chief Engineer. Even the captain was there... preceding. Taylor had been asked if he would be attending but felt awkward about it. Most of the crew had known each other for years, serving as much as a family as simple crewmates. Even though he was going to be their a member of the crew he felt awkward about arriving at such an intimate moment. No he would leave that to them. Plus he didn't really know anyone except for his brief meeting with Lieutenant Commander Scott a few years ago.

Taylor found himself impressed with the ship. She wasn't the largest ship that he had been on but her dimensions and profile were nice. She seemed as though she could run circles around a Sovereign at impulse speeds, something that he found impressive. The Commander stepped into the engineering section, watching as the engineering teams went about their work of checking the engineers. He stepped closer to the Warp Reactor in the center of the room and had a bit of jealousy towards the Chief Engineer who would seen be responsible for it. Designing and maintaining a ship were two different things and he felt in a lot of ways that he had missed out on something. It took him a few minutes but he was finally able to pry himself away and leave the engineering section... heading to the bridge.

There was a lot more for him to see.


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