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The Big Day

Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2011 @ 3:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda

Mission: The Hunters
Timeline: Current

OOC: Figured we could do a lead up to the ceremony. Showing what everyone is going to prepare and what they are thinking.


Jarrold stood, looking in the mirror and fighting to straighten his dress uniform again. After all the planning and waiting today was the big day... the day that he and Ti'ana would be married. Their families had come to be with them. In just an hour they would be walking down the aisle two people and then leaving as husband and wife.

The nervousness was long gone. He had accepted that he would be marrying the woman that he loved a long time again and simply couldn't wait to get it over so they could move on with their lives together.

Their parents has spent the better of part of the day making sure that all of the preparations were complete and they both the chapel and reception hall were perfect. He mother had doted over the both of them... acting as a go between while following the old superstition that they shouldn't see each other until they were at the altar. Her mother had done with same while their fathers had sat back and watched.

Jarrold father, had done something that he rarely did and took the day off from work. Of course with his work being on the construction on the next Prometheus class ship the two men had a lot of time to be together recently. It was the Admiral who had assigned his son as Chief Engineer on the new ship and had dubbed her the Zealous in order to fill in the gap left by the last ship.

The door chime rang and Jarrold straightened up slightly. "Come in." he said.

The door slid open in and in walked Jarrold's cousin Angelo. The marine had come from the training grounds on Actorus Prime. "Hi there little cousin." Angelo said as he gave Jarrold a hug and then mussed his hair a little. Growing up the two had shared a somewhat antagonistic relationship but now they were close though not without the far larger Angelo still messing with him a little.

Jarrold ran his hands through his hair to straighten it. "Glad you made it." he said.

"Like I'd miss this." Angelo returned. "I snuck a peak at your fiance and she's a pretty little thing. How'd you get someone like her to marry you?"

Jarrold clenched his fist, ready to punch his cousin in the mouth.

"Hold on cousin. I was just kidding. Just saying you're a lucky guy." Angelo quickly said.

"I wouldn't have hit you that hard." Jarrold said with a chuckle. "Honestly at this point I feel like the luckiest guy in the universe right now and I'm really glad that you could make it."

"Hey when you asked me to come and be your best man how could I resist?" Angelo said. "Seriously though, who'd have thought you would have made it this far. Marrying a beautiful woman, Chief Engineer on a starship and a Lieutenant Commander none-the-less. I'm proud of you little cousin, regardless of all of the teasing and torture throughout the years.



Captain Ja'arda stood within her quarters, looking at herself in the mirror. The dress uniform she wore was crisp, neat and clean . . . but a bit stiff. She almost couldn't help but to think that she looked like . . . well, a stiff right out of the ship's morgue.

'Wonderful way to think right before the wedding of your Executive Officer and Second Officer,' she chided herself.

In truth, this was really going to be a joyous experience, which the entire crew would share. After all of the hardship they had been through, and all of the losses, it weighed heavily upon the minds of the crew so something positive . . . something to celebrate was much needed and welcomed.

Her thoughts threatened to dwell upon the past . . . but while the past should never be forgotten, it should be used as a springboard to the future. And, right now she had some very bright spots as to that future.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror again and sighed a bit. "I wish they'd make these things with a bit of color. I look as pale as a ghost!" she muttered.

That was one of the things when it came to the dress uniforms. For COs like herself, it was pretty much all white, black, with a little bit of gold. It was pretty bland for her taste. When it came to clothes while off duty, she definitely preferred a bit of color.

"I guess I'm just so excited that I'm having a hard time focusing," Zania mentioned aloud. It was true, that with everything about to happen in the near future, all of the changes, a new ship, among other things, she really did have a hard time keeping her mind focused on one thing at a time. But all she could do was look forward to the future that seemed to be bright and full of hope.

Hope was something that they needed for quite some time, and now with this fresh beginning . . . this new ship . . . they would be able to achieve it and create history all over again.



Jarrold tugged at his uniform one more time... hoping that it was finally straight. The minute was almost here.

Ti'ana studied her reflection. She was wearing a traditional wedding dress, in a creamy white. Nothing fancy, it was a simple A-line strapless dress. Her dark hair was curled, with flowers in it to match the dress, and long, she hadn't pulled it up or tied it back, for once. She didn't wear a veil, she'd never liked those much. Her father had said she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Her mother had said she looked adequate. She smiled. All the time on Earth, and her mother was still Vulcan to the core. But she'd sensed her mothers approval, and pride. She looked at the chronometer, and her door chime rang, and her father walked in.

"Ready?" he asked.

She smiled. "Absolutely."



Jarrold had moved towards the altar and watched as the gathered members of the crew sat assembled to see their fellow officers... no their friends.... become husband and wife. After today Jarrold and Ti'ana would be leaving for their honeymoon while the rest of the crew that was assigned to the new Zealous would be taking the ship out for a test spin. For a lot of the crew however this would be the last time that they would be in the same place at the same time. Some of them had already been giving other assignments while others were awaiting reassignment but would not be joining the crew of the new Zealous.

They had tried to make this a memorable occasion for everyone as in many ways their family was going to be broken up. That's part of what came with duty in Starfleet though. You could make really good friends and then the next day the were reassigned to a new ship. It was the life that they had all signed up for and it had struck once again.

Jarrold looked around at the people that had come to see he and Ti'ana get married. He couldn't help but swell with pride but also with a little bit of sadness at knowing that this was the last day together for a lot of them.


Ti'ana's father took her arm and led her to her wedding. When the music began and her father led her down the aisle, Jarrold's face lit up, and she knew hers did too. The walk toward him seemed to take forever, and her father finally stopped, put her hand in his and kissed her forehead. As the Captain read their vows to them, and they repeated them back, she swore she even saw a small smile and pride on her Vulcan mother's face.

As the vows were recited Jarrold could see his mothers face light up. She had already grown to love Ti'ana as her daughter and made sure that Jarrold know that she was happy for them. Jarrold's mother had rarely approved of any of the girls that he had dated but Ti'ana was different that all of them... Jarrold had known that Ti'ana was going to be perfect for him... even though it took them a while to get there.

They said their I Do's, and the Captain grinned. "You may now kiss the bride" she said, and Ti'ana and Jarrold shared their first kiss as a married couple. She couldn't stop grinning, and everyone was cheering. They turned to face everyone with huge smiles on their faces. She leaned in and whispered, "I wonder how long it will take them to get used to calling me Commander Scott?"

Jarrold let out a slight chuckle and then gave her hand a squeeze. "Probably not long." he said. "I though I think I'm going to still have to get used to the idea."


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