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Settleing in

Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2011 @ 4:22pm by Ensign Zoe Fox

Mission: The Hunters
Location: My new ofice
Tags: Captain Z

As Zoe walked into her office for the first time she looked around at the dim light grey walls and shook her head
thinking to her self about how depressing it looked in here with out a personal touch .

she headed to the repilocater and ordered a cup of warm tea

before going to what woudl be her new dsk and pulling up the crew records .

she started with the high up commnd staff

pulling up the captains file she begain to read it
learning about all she had been though and geting a good idea of what sort of a person her captain was

she knew se should o reported in by now but she wanted to gather some back ground on the staf first


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