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Posted on Fri Apr 1st, 2011 @ 3:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Howard Murdock

Mission: These Last 6 Months
Location: Anywhere
Timeline: Prior to Current

Murdock sat within his quarters, just thinking about the turn of events that had taken place within his life of lately. It wasn't like anything he had expected . . . and just like in the past, it still had it's ups and downs and the occasional monkey wrench thrown in along the way as well.

He had met many friends along the way. Some of them were still around, but others had moved on or left Starfleet all together. Of course, to, he had also had a few relationships as well with individuals who meant so much to him, but eventually moved on . . . leaving him as nothing more than a cold, shallow shell of himself which took a bit of time to recover from.

Ironically, the ones that he had relationships with all had been shrinks . . . counselors, who he had opened up to in a number of ways, showing them who he really was inside beyond the perception of insanity that others may have had about him.

As much as he wanted to think about the future, and what it may hold for him, his thoughts always kept returning to the past . . .


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