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Ensign Perim, Reporting for Duty

Posted on Fri Oct 14th, 2011 @ 11:05pm by Ensign Brianna Perim PhD & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda

Mission: The Hunters
Location: USS Zealous, Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Prior to Launch

Squaring her shoulders, Ensign Brianna Perim stepped out of the turbolift onto the busy bridge of the newly commissioned USS Zealous. She was surprised by the number of engineers scurrying around, no doubt putting the final touches on before the vessel's launch in the coming days. Carefully, she picked her way through the people and part strewn deck until she arrived at the door to the Captain's ready room, where she stood for a few moments collecting her thoughts before reaching out and activating the door chime.

Captain Azanialix Ja'arda had put her full concentration into the reports on the monitor before her. This was a very busy time, with the final preparations for a refit USS Zealous. Well, technically it was a brand new Prometheus-class, but it was a refit from the original model . . . more slightly bigger, sleeker, a couple of additional decks, and more features and amenities to accommodate the needs of the crew.

She looked up as she heard the door chime sound, and called out, "Enter."

Unconsciously tugging at the bottom hem of her uniform jacket, ostensibly to smooth any wrinkles from the front of her perfectly pressed uniform, Brianna took a deep breath as the doors parted and stepped into the Ready Room. Neatly tucking a PADD under her left arm, she snapped to attention and presented herself to the Captain, "Ensign Brianna Perim, reporting for duty, ma'am."

The Betazoid smiled at the new crew member who entered into her Ready Room. "Welcome, Ensign. Please, have a seat," she greeted her warmly. "How can I help you?"

"I'd like to report that Stellar Cartography is online and fully operational, Captain," the young Trill replied as she took a seat. "Furthermore, I have finished enumerating and verifying the navigational databases and am in the process of compiling the final astronavigational charts." She offered the PADD she was carrying to Captain Ja'arda, "Here's my status report, Captain."

Zania accepted the PADD and looked over the report on the screen. "Excellent work, Ensign. I think we'll have a lot to explore once we launch. Is there any particular area on the astro charts that you would recommend we research first?" she wondered, curious as to what the new crew member would recommend.

She had a few thoughts based on the initial overview of the report, but she always welcomed the input of her crew. And she wanted the Ensign to find that out first hand. Granted, there may be times where opinions could differ, but if the crew felt willing to suggest ideas, obviously they'd be more likely to bring forth their ideas . . . even in an emergency situation where time was critical.

"If you scroll down to section twelve," Brianna replied, "You'll see my recommendations, but sectors 22,100 through 22,500 are of particular note, as Starfleet deep space survey probes recorded a high concentration of Minshara-class planets in that region."

Captain Ja'arda nodded as she pulled up that particular section of the information. "It does seem that this is an area of space that has not been explored before. It definitely is worth investigating, and I'm sure it'll keep everyone busy . . . including Starfleet Diplomacy if we end up with several First Contact situations," she smiled.

"Very good work again, Ensign," she reiterated. "I'd like you to work with Commander Mason to plan out the most efficient route as to make sure that most of the worlds here are explored."

"Thank you, Captain," Brianna replied, bowing her head slightly. "If there's nothing else, Ma'am, I'd like to get started on preparing the navigation calculations for the Commander."

Zania shook her head and smiled. "No, there's nothing else. And I look forward to seeing the results of your work with Commander Mason."

Brianna stood and bowed, "Yes, Ma'am. I'll contact Commander Mason immediately." She pirouetted expertly and walked out of the ready room and tapped her combadge. "Ensign Perim to Commander Mason; do you have a minute, Commander?"


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