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computer meltdown

Posted on Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 @ 5:06pm by Ensign Alan OShea

Mission: The Rescue
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: present

Ensign O'Shea has just recieved a message from Mr. Valentine that he has the bridge, (Oshea smiles quietly to himself, noting that it not before time either). Life while never completely normal on this assignment or this ship for that matter, has settled somwhat since our last encounter with the orions. However recently, one by one there seems to be one systems failure after another, between engineering and the bridge, its an operations officer's nightmare. But one does like a challenge and keeping busy. O'shea is working frantically but meticulously through the job sheet for the day laft by Mr. Valentine, inputting equations and monitoring the warp matrix and anti matter flow to ensure no blockages in the flow of power. A slight departure from inputting operations reports but much more interesting.

Oshea speaking to himself, says, damn this panel is fluctuating again, with every input, their seems to be a screen misalignment, ==O'shea to the bridge== I am reporting the same problem again sir, as I input information to the computer, the screen fluctuates and then returns to normal, but response times are slightly slower than previously==


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