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Computer Meltdown

Posted on Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 @ 8:04am by Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott & Captain Azanialix Ja'arda
Edited on on Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 @ 8:09am

Mission: The Rescue
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current

Jarrold crawled through the numerous Jefferies Tubes that filled the inside of the Liberty. The ship had been sent out of dock in a hurry but he had run every diagnostic, completed every test and personally certified this ship as ready to fly before leaving. Now just as they had reached their destination the Liberty was falling apart, almost as if something had decided to pull it apart. No the ship wasn't physically falling apart at the seams... but every system seemed to be doing down one at a time and it was getting increasingly more difficult to keep up with the systems errors that crept up with this ship. It was like there was some type of bug in the computers base AI.... that had to be it.

Jarrold reached up and tapped his comm-badge =/= Captain I need to speak to you right away. =\= he said with an undeniable urgency. =/= I'm headed to the main computer control room. Please meet me there. =\=

On the bridge, Azanialix Ja'arda heard the request from her trusted Chief Engineer. "I'm on my way," she said, before turning to her Operations officer on the bridge. "Mr. Valentine, you have the bridge."

"Me, sir?" he asked, almost as if wondering why she chose him over Murdock.

"Yes, you," she grinned. "Mr. Murdock gets a lot of opportunities to take over in my absence, and I think it's best that I start to change things up a bit . . . give others that responsibility every once in a while. Besides, I'm sure that you'll do a fine job."

She stood up and watched as he took his place at the Captain's chair, smiling at him proudly. Once he was in position, she headed for the turbolift and to the computer control room.

The trip didn't take more than just a couple of moments. Once she walked inside, she looked around, trying to see if she could spot Commander Scott. "Jarrold, are you here?"

"Over here Captain." Jarrold said as he looked up from the computer terminal that he was working at. "I think I've figured out why we are having so many problems." the Engineer said as he pointed to the screen. "Some how the programming is corrupting itself."

Zania walked over and looked at the information on the screen that he pointed out. Sure enough, he was right. It was corrupting itself, which meant either a programming flaw, or something much worse . . . "What do you think is causing it?" she wondered.

Jarrold's hands danced over the instrument panel, working to stay ahead of the corruption that was quickly spreading throughout the system. At this point it had grown to be more than a nuisance. No major systems had been affected but at this rate is was a matter of time. To combat this Jarrold had isolated each of the ships protocols, cutting them off from each other in an attempt to stop whatever was going on from spreading.

"I'm not sure." he said in response to the Captain's question. "It has the symptoms of a virus but it's unlike any that I've seen before and it's moving to fast for me to isolate."

She listened carefully, and grew concerned by Jarrold's assessment of the situation. "When was the last back up of the computer core done? Can we do a purge of the systems, and then a cold restart?" the Betazoid Captain inquired.

In the back of her mind, she was hoping that if there was a backup of the memory in the core, it would be free of the virus, or whatever it is. The only way that it wouldn't be free of it was if, perhaps, it was planted at the time that the ship was being built . . . in which case, it would make this an act of sabotage.

But, if it was sabotage, who would want to do this, especially during a rescue mission?

"The thing is that there is no back up of the computer core. It was brought online for the first time when we launched." Jarrold answered. "Plus I don't think it was sabotage but more of a random anomaly. This class of ship uses the most advanced computer ever built, it was designed and built by the Bynars. It is my belief that the computer is simply trying to exercise independence."

Jarrold reached down and slid a pile of isolinear chips over the the Captain. "I brought this with me." he said. "Before we lost the Zealous I made a core dump of the AI. These contain a complete download of the Zealous computer. The problem is that considering the rather special nature of the Zealous computer I don't know how it will react with AI of the Liberty."

Azanialix considered everything for a moment. If the computer on the Liberty was starting to become sentient, developing an intelligence . . . even dare say a personality . . . of it's own, then the Prime Directive dictated that the couldn't interfere. But, what if the computer's intelligence, being so new, tried to actually interfere with the present mission and prevented them from carrying it out?

The latter thought was a chance that they couldn't take.

"If you use the chips from the core dump, will they still be re-usable on the new Zealous once that is complete? Do you think that the artificial intelligence that is emerging will be accelerated by the use of our core dump, or perhaps even the roadmap for the intelligence will implant itself on our chips and could affect the new ship once we're done with this mission?" the Captain wondered.

"I honestly don't know what will happen with any future ship that we get but I do know that from an engineering standpoint at this moment we are pretty much hosed if we let things keep going as they are. This ships core programming is so messed up right now that I can't guarantee that I can keep the ship in one piece for more than another hour without the procedure and even that would be pushing it."

Based on Jarrold's analysis, the didn't have much time. They had to do something, and do something now, before the rescue mission would result in their having to be rescued as well. "Very well, proceed. This is top priority right now, as we're going to be of no use to the shuttle team if our computers aren't working properly. All resources will be at your disposal to make sure this goes smoothly. I'll make sure that Lt Valentine knows to spare anyone he can to assist," she told him.

Jarrold nodded and turned to the computer. "The first thing I'm going to have to do is manually shutdown each of the ships systems one at a time and then a purge of the computer core before we do any upgrade. I'll be ready to start in 10 minutes. Please have Mr. Valentine for my precise instructions at that time."


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