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Posted on Thu Aug 12th, 2010 @ 3:19am by Ensign Alan OShea

Mission: The Rescue
Location: shuttle
Timeline: present
Tags: all on shuttle

Oshea now started to breath in the new life giving air and warmth, hefelt a slight disorientation as his biological balance was realigning. He thought he heard the commander ask Report,
so instinctively, O'shea replied "Aye sir"
Power appears to be restored to a number of systems, Life support 65% and rising. Sensors at 60% normal power, navigational logs online, engines at 55% above nomimal and rising. Sir systems are lighting up one by one. I dont understand it, but we could use some good luck about now. Crew appear to be in one piece sir.

May I suggest however sir, that now we are emitting power, not only can our people see us, but it is likely the orions could too if they are still about.

Orders sir?


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