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Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2009 @ 8:05am by Captain Azanialix Ja'arda & Commander Ti'ana Sullivan-Scott & Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott

Mission: The Rescue

Captain Ja'arda boarded the shuttle and took a seat in the back. "Admiral, will my crew be joining us as well, or is this going to be a solo mission?" she inquired, not really wanting to be separated from her crew. If there was a mission, she wanted them to be a part of it.

The Admiral nodded "Most of your crew has already been assembled." he said. "In fact you were among the last 3. Apparently someone disabled the tracking on your comm-badges." He looked in Jarrold's direction.

Jarrold shrugged "We wanted some privacy. Looks like it didn't work to well though."

The Admiral turned back to the Captain. "We had a crew with no ship and a ship with no crew so we decided that it would make sense to combine the two. We haven't explained what the mission is. We'll leave that to you and your command staff."

Jarrold sighed and turned to access the terminal next to him. "Which ship is it?" he asked.

"She hasn't been named." the Admiral responded. "She's fresh out of space dock. This will be her shakedown in a way."

"You call diffusing a dangerous situation on an untested ship a shakedown?" Ti'ana said incredulously. "What class ship is it?"

Jarrold could tell that Ti'ana was upset about more than just the mission. The Admiral had interrupted their wedding and without so much as an apology ordered them to undertake this mission. Hell Jarrold was upset about it too but Ti'ana was a firebrand... one of the reasons that he loved her.

"She's Resistance Class." the Admiral said. "Forth of that class off the line. She only had her trial run through the Jovian Pass a week ago but if she specs out as well as her sister ships Resistance, Liberty and Obstinate she'll be the fastest ship in the fleet. The classes designer personally saw to the installation of her key components."

Jarrold sighed and looked at the Captain "Captain." he said in deference. "I know very little about this particular class. Her specs are so tight that only the crews know the full capabilities. I'd be very interested in getting my hands on one to play around with but I'm not too happy about the way that this went down."

She glanced to Jarrold and Ti'ana first, and saw just how frustrated they were regarding the situation. She then looked to the Admiral and requested, "Sir, with all due respect, sending us on this mission is fine; however, sending us in a ship that we know nothing about and don't have any information about will likely impair my crew's performance and jeopardize the mission. I'd like to request a full set of specs, plus any other details that we might be able to obtain regarding the features of the ship and any known weaknesses. If she is indeed the fourth ship of the line, there should be some information that can be divulged to our crew."

Admiral Hanson simply gave her a smile "All of the appropriate data has been made available for your crew." he said. "Of course with this class still being classified I expect your crew to keep the technical specs of this ship under wraps and not to divulge anything. You'll also be assigned a technical advisor to help you get up to speed. Considering the urgent nature of this mission I hope you understand when I say that while I have faith in your crew there is far to much to learn about this ships operations to muddle around en route."

The shuttle arrived in orbit a short time later and they found themselves not entering space dock but pulling around to the other side and heading towards one of the orbital construction rigs. Sitting in the rig was what at first appeared to be a Sovereign Class vessel but after another really quick look Jarrold realized that it was indeed not a Sovereign Class but something completely different. This ship was slightly longer then the aforementioned class and possessed a total of 5 nacelles, completely in defiance of the principles of warp geometry as he understood them. She hadn't had her therma coat paint applied so she stood out like a large gray wraith.

The lines of the ship while they shared many things in common with the Sovereign were a lot more smooth, if that were possible. This ship was definitely made for speed. Something else that he noticed was the almost complete lack of lines on the hull. She looked to have been constructed of 1 solid piece, with holes cut out for the windows. As they flew over the noticed that even the bridge module seemed to be just one piece. The only interconnecting lines that were visible were the interconnect for the nacelles. The nacelles themselves were all completely identical and exceptionally long, running 3 quarters of the length of the ship... the four main nacelles forming an x pattern that sat slightly away from the ship but seemed to be on pivots, probably multi-configurable in a way similar to the intrepid class. The fifth nacelle looked identical to the others but ran was shorter and ran along the spin. Jarrold for the life of him couldn't guess what the fifth nacelle was for and how a starship could even run in such a configuration.

"She very impressive sir." Jarrold said.

"You'll find out just how impressive very soon son." Admiral Hanson said. "Trust me you'll like her and I think she'll seem like an old friend to you once you get to know her."

Ti'ana whistled softly when she saw the ship. Although how a ship could maintain a warp field with 5 nacelles was beyond her. "She is something else." She said in appreciation.

The shuttle began it's docking sequence, circling around and finally entering the large shuttlebay in the rear.

Upon stepping out they found themselves in a large and very busy shuttlebay with crew members that they recognized and some that they didn't.


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