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Moving up and moving on.

Posted on Mon Mar 28th, 2011 @ 9:12pm by Ensign Tamarra James Ms

(Set whenever is best for the story.)

Ensign Tamarra James adjusted her uniform top as she walked off the shuttle that had brought her to the USS Zealous. She looked around for the reporting officer and strode across the open space to the nearest ranking officer to her. She saluted and waited politely to be noticed.

Without wasting a beat, he looked up and nodded sharply. "James?" he asked, checking the PADD in his hand. Tamarra nodded with a small smile.

"Checking in Sir." She said, in her quiet voice. "Where do I need to go from here?"

After he gave her directions to her quarters, Tamarra headed there with a sense of deep relief. She wanted to get out of the shoes she'd put on in the morning and she wanted to sit down for a while. The ship looked busy, organised. It was another sense of relief.

Once inside the small but well laid out quarters, she kicked her shoes into the corner of her closet, snarling at them as her toes wiggled by themselves. They had to go away. And soon. Somehow she'd managed to snag ones that were half a size too small. Happily, she sat down and put her feet up on the bed, kicking something out of the way as she did. It clunked.

Ruefully, she eyed the small pile of bags that had been neatly laid out on her bed. They could wait until the morning. Or whenever her shift was. She really should remember to go look that up, before she fell asleep.

Before... she fell asleep..

Which she promptly did, still in the chair.


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