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Day 2 in the Trenches

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2010 @ 8:28pm by Ensign Kris Baur

Timeline: ( 1 Day before First boarding attempt of the Einstein by the Orion Pirates)
Kris looked into the computer screen as he spoke allowed for his log.

"Its been 2 days of constant fighting, the pirates have outfitted their shields somehow to counteract the distorting effects of the nebula. We've currently set our shields to a modulating frequency, which has helped tremendously but without the exact frequency and rate of modulation we're not at 100%.

The pirates are not trying to destroy us, they attack in waves, they know our propulsion systems are down so they're just weakening our defenses. Its only a matter of time before they begin boarding phases.

No matter how fast our engineering teams work it seems for every one system repaired two go down. The crew is losing morale, the captain is stressed beyond belief, We're doing everything we can. "

Kris slams his fist on the table " We can't just surrender though, the captain has been making preparations to defend on an attempt to take the ship. We've compartmentalized key areas of the Einstein creating bottle necks to funnel enemy through and flank. I've been charged with locking down the main computer, after isolating several memory banks the captain listed. Its all privileged information, covered with the StarFleet Intelligence emblem all over it. I didn't dare open it, least of my concerns anyway.

Long Range communications are out of the question, we've tried a modified sensor probe, but again this stupid nebula, its ... its like working against us.... " Kris sighs and looks up, "Come on!" Kris wasn't a religious person, but his parents were, and he did pick up a few habits, he knew what it meant, but frustration had set in, and he just felt as if he had to try.

"All hands, to battle stations, inbound pirate wave" The voice pierced the silence
Kris looked back down at the screen.

"Here we go again"


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