Reality Check

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2010 @ 11:13pm by Lieutenant JG Drass Kebron

"Ensign? Ensign, can you hear me?" The voice sounded soft, distant; so distant, in fact, that Drass didn't realize it was addressing him until he heard his name. "Ensign Kebron, can you hear me?" Drass stirred and tried to open his eyes, but couldn't seem to be able. No matter how hard he tried, he remained immersed in darkness. Then he felt himself blink as something cold and wet was dropped into his eyes. 'Eye drops', he thought. "I...I...can't...see..." he croaked.

"Your retinas were badly burned," the voice said, "We should be able to repair the damage, but it will take several days of treatments. In the meantime, we've numbed your optic nerves to minimize discomfort. How do you feel?"

Drass had to think about it for a moment. He hurt. His entire body ached. "I've been...smashed...between two...tectonic plates..."

"Good," the voice replied. Drass was pretty sure it was a woman now. "That means we've repaired most of the nerve damage."

"Where am I?" Drass asked.

"Don't worry about that right now, you need to rest. All that matters is you're safe and in good hands." He heard the click of a hypospray being loaded. "I'm giving you something to help you sleep." Before he could object, he felt a light touch on his neck and heard a soft hiss, and consciousness quickly slipped away...